Nall awaits latest challenge

The temperature is the only thing he's sweating. <p>

So says Packers quarterback Craig Nall, who's working out at home in the summer heat of Alexandria, La., in preparation for the Aug. 2 start of training camp.

Last year, Nall had to fend off a roster challenge from former Bengals first-round pick Akili Smith. That wound up being only a minor battle since Smith simply was inept. This training camp, however, will come a much more difficult challenge as Nall likely will have to decisively beat out teammate Doug Pederson to be one of the Packers' three quarterbacks.

The newcomer to the mix this time around is Tim Couch.

"My thing is just not to get tight because of the situation," Nall told The Associated Press. "Couch's addition throws a kink into things, but I had a pretty good minicamp."

Couch, the No. 1 overall pick in the 1999 draft by the Cleveland Browns, was released June 11 because of his salary as well as the acquisition of former 49ers starter Jeff Garcia. After a seemingly endless courtship, Couch signed a one-year contract with the Packers and figures to be the backup to iron man starter Brett Favre. That likely means Nall will battle Pederson, a capable veteran and confidant of Favre, for a roster spot.

Nall isn't upset about the addition of Couch. Far from it. He understands that's the name of the game when you are a third-stringer.

"Our team vice president (Andrew Brandt) told me after they signed Couch, ‘It's nothing against you, we're just trying to get the best guys in camp to make the team better.' The way I feel," Nall said, "if he can help the team, go ahead and get him."

Instead of simply trying to hold onto his roster spot, Nall's mind set is to go out there and earn it.

"My focus going into camp is on staying at Green Bay and giving the coaches a reason to keep me around," said Nall. "I know what I'm up against; they're not keeping me in the dark, and that's a comforting feeling, to an extent."

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