Player Profile: Nick Luchey

Easy-going Packers fullback Nick Luchey took time to discuss some of his likes and activities away from the football field with Packer Report managing editor Todd Korth:<p>

Off-season residence: Atlanta, Ga.

Marital status: Single

Nickname: "I have a lot ‘em, but mainly ‘Lubu' and ‘Godzilla'"

Vehicle: "I have a '55 Cadillac Deville, a '65 Lincoln Continental and a 2002 Cadillac Escalade pickup."

Hobbies/interests: "I love to read Roman history and Egyptian history. I love playing chess. I love to shoot pool. I love to go ‘putt-putting'. Everybody's into the ‘big' golfing. That's too much driving around and wasting a whole day for me. I like the regular, ol' putt-putt."

Favorite meal: "Steak, macaroni and cheese, and greens."

Favorite breakfast cereal: "Definitely Fruity Pebbles, since I was a kid."

Favorite music: "I'm pretty versatile, but I like a lot of R&B and hip-hop. I like some rap, but I'm more R&B hip-hop. A guy named MU-SIQ, Alecia Keys, Jay-Z. I'm into that kind of style."

Favorite TV show: "I like the home improvement channels, like ‘Design on a Dime' and ‘Trading Spaces,' those kind of shows. Those are my favorites."

Favorite movie: "My top two movies all-time are ‘Gladiator' and ‘Coming to America.'"

Favorite sport other than football: "Basketball. I played a lot in high school. I was pretty good. ... I played small forward. Basketball is my number one love. Actually, I play basketball to stay in shape in the off-season."

Favorite team growing up: "Detroit Lions. Billy Sims was my favorite football player growing up. I used to sit on my dad's lap and go crazy over Billy Sims."

Favorite football play with Packers: "I like our ‘Blast' play. It's a run play where I lead up on the linebacker. Contact is fun. I've learned to have a lot of fun just with contact. It doesn't bother me at all."

Favorite sports heroes: "Billy Sims, Muhammad Ali, and Jackie Joyner-Kersee. I know (Joyner-Kersee) is a female, but she's so versatile and the things she fought through ... she's somebody I kind of admired, even though she was a woman. There's nothing wrong with that, but not many guys have woman as their sports heroes. Also, I would have to say Franco Harris."

Roommate on the road: "Robert Ferguson. We get along great. We help each other out. We split the bills. We take care of each other. We true roommates."

Toughest competitor: "I would have to say Ray Lewis. I've had a lot of fun going against Ray. He's a guy I know every time he's going to bring it. I'm probably high on his list, too. He's told me that before. I went to college with him and practiced against him. We were both at Miami (Florida)."

Who cheats in games and gets away with it: "That guy from Detroit, number 54 (Barrett Green). Cheap-shotter, man. He does a lot of that dirty stuff. He's pretty dirty, dirty."

First car: "Mercury Topaz. It was in pretty bad condition when I got it, but I spent hours and hours, day and night. I cleaned every inch of that car on the inside and every inch on the outside. I kept putting coats and coats (of wax) on it. Next thing you know that car was shining. It went from a total ‘bum' car to not bad at all. That was around 1993, '94. The car was something like a 1988. The Mercury Topaz humbled me. I was happy with what I had.

"I started to appreciate cars as I got older. I'm kind of addicted to them. I've got to pull myself off. I'm think about buying a '62 Chevy Impala now, but I need to slow down. I probably will be buying it."

Early football memories: "Winning three state championships in high school (Harrison High School in Farmington Hills, Mich.), my freshman year, my junior year and my senior year. That's something I always think back to. Actually, I hold the (state) record for the longest run in state championship history. My senior year, I had a 90-yard touchdown run. It's under Nick Williams – I've changed my last name – but it's still holding up." Who influenced you the most while growing up? "My older brother Christopher. He was real good at basketball. He was my hero, man. I wanted to be like him. Sometimes a little sister or brother wants to be like their big sister or brother. It's ironic. I turned 26 this year, he turned 31 on March 30. Our birthday is on the same day. We're almost like twins. We act a lot alike and everything. We even look alike. I just wanted to be like him. I like how he did it. The things that he did wrong, the mistakes, I learned from them. He's always been there for me."

Pet peeves: "Not really. I'm easy-going. I respect one man's space, what they do and don't do. There are some things I might do that are totally harmless. I look at it as everybody is different. If you want to go through life and feel like everybody is going to be the way you want them to be, or the way you're used to, you're kidding yourself. I know they say it's a small world, but it's a big world, too."

How would you describe your work ethic? "I have a good work ethic. I think my work ethic can get better. I practice hard, but I feel like I could add more stuff to my off-season workout, you know, start early, or earlier during the off-season. Maybe add stuff. I work hard. It's not like I don't work hard in the off-season. I do, but you can always do more."

Who would you want to be stranded on a deserted island with: "I would say my family. If I was stranded on an island. I would hope to have my mom, brother and sisters with me. It would make me feel more at ease."

Advice to kids: "Have heroes. Be your own hero, too. You definitely should have heroes and people you look up to, but why not look up to yourself? Believe in yourself. Believe in whatever you want to be. Believe that you can be that. Then go and try to accomplish those things that you are striving for and be an example for other people."

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