Hunt tackles weighty issue

The message on Monday was shape up. The message on Tuesday is anything but ship out.

Defensive Cletidus Hunt, who drew the ire of Packers coach/general manager Mike Sherman for skipping part of the June minicamp, arrived for training camp out of shape.

To rectify the problem, Hunt spent part of Monday afternoon's practice running and riding a stationary bike.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Sherman and Hunt engaged in an animated conversation during Monday afternoon's practice, with Hunt angry about being singled out.

On Tuesday, however, it appears time had healed some wounds.

"We just had a family discussion. My discussion with Cletidus is between he and I and we move on. It's not a big deal," Sherman said after Tuesday's first practice session.

Hunt had little to say on the subject. "I'm good. I'll practice this afternoon."

Before last season, Hunt inked a six-year contract worth $25.35 million. The extra money has put Hunt under a microscope, with the big payday meaning extra scrutiny for his play in games and practice.

Knowing holding a grudge does no good, Sherman did his best Tuesday to put a happy face on a touchy situation.

"No problem. No problem. Just like with my son at home we have family discussions. We had one yesterday. Today is another day and we moved forward," Sherman said.

"Absolutely, positively no problem."

Perhaps Sherman felt better after watching Hunt practice in the morning. Defensive coordinator Bob Slowik praised Hunt after the morning session.

"He came out here today and looked better, made more plays, created some havoc in the offensive line," Slowik said. "If he comes out every day like he did today, he's going to be ready to go where he'd like to be and where we'd like him to be."

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