Business commitments to keep Butler off sidelines

The welcome mat is still out, but it looks like LeRoy Butler won't have time to take the Packers up on their offer serve as a part-time assistant coach this season.<p>

Butler will continue as an internet columnist for the team's web site during training camp, but he told the Milwaukee Journal-Senitnel that business interests and other commitments away from Green Bay wouldn't leave much time for a regular schedule with the team.

In turn GM/Head Coach Mike Sherman acknowledged that the team wasn't offering Butler a great deal of money and that he did not think it would be ideal for Butler to team meetings or activities due to personal appearances and other commitments.

"It would have been hard for him to do both," Mike Sherman said in an AP report. "He felt like he had to take care of those personal commitments.

"I'd still love to have him around," Sherman said. "He's more than welcome to come back."

The decision for Butler not to return as a part-time coach came after a meeting between Butler's marketing agent and Sherman at a luncheon last week.

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