The best of Brett

Packers quarterback Brett Favre is one of the most engaging athletes in professional sports. No cliches and no beat-around-the-bush answers. Just the truth, as Favre sees it. Here are a few questions and answers from his Wednesday news conference.

How's the thumb?

"The mobility is not even close to where it once was, but it doesn't bother me. I just can't move it. There's a little more movement than when I wore a splint but I can't complain now."

Favre then showed both of his thumbs. The one on his left hand had a full range of motion, with it bending at the knuckle "90 degrees," Favre helpfully noted for us geometry-impaired reporters. The one on his right hand is stuck at 45 degrees and can move to about 60 degrees.

Favre's reply to a follow-up question on the thumb:

"When I came out and grabbed the football and started throwing it, I didn't even think about it. With the splint on, even though toward the end it felt better, I was always reminded of it because I always had to put it on and put tape around it and I was very nervous about taking it off. Over time, I just forgot about it and went on with my normal day and occasionally would bump it on something and feel a little twinge, but that may be there forever."

Favre, with obvious sarcasm, on quarterbacks coach Darrell Bevell:

"He's terrible. I don't like him. Darrell does a great job. I think when I'm gone, he'll move up the ladder quickly and he'll be a great coach for a long time."

Favre, asked if he envisioned a career as a network football analyst:

"First of all, I don't know how to tie a tie. The last time I wore a tie was in college. I think I could do pretty good at it, but I don't see a future in it."

Will Favre play in 2005?:

"I have no idea. I'll see what happens this year. Four years ago I didn't think I'd be here today."

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