Mike's remarks

Here are highlights from Packers Head Coach Mike Sherman's post-game press conference following the team's 21-3 loss to the Seattle Seahawks Monday night at Lambeau Field.<P>

Coach Sherman's overall assessment of the game: "We talked a lot about the series offensively and defensively and first defense went out there, go three-and-out, and I was pleased about that. Then the first offense had a 10-play drive - would have liked to get a touchdown - we get a field goal, so I was pleased with that. Then we came back and the defense gave up a long drive. It was a key third and 10 play that they completed to Bobby Engram on a blitz coverage that kept the drive going, as did a couple of penalties that kept the drive going. They get into the end zone, we get the ball back and we had some opportunities the second time we got the football, we just didn't capitalize on them."

On QB Tim Couch

"He didn't play very well, that's obvious. Part of it is he didn't practice a whole lot this week. He said his arm felt well enough to go, so I put him in there. I question whether that was the right decision. It wasn't a good day for him or for us."

On the first-team defense:

"I thought we did a nice job with the run. But we had two offside penalties that hurt us on the one drive. We can't line up on their side of the line of scrimmage."

On the game's standouts:

"I thought Ahman Green was himself. I think (Darren) Sharper played well. Al Harris played well. Ahmad Carroll, except for the penalty, I thought he did a good job for us. The young dfenseive lineman I thought jumped on - Cullen Jenkins. James Lee made a couple plays and missed aplay; he was pretty active, which I was excited about. Kenny Peterson knocked down a ball and he was pretty active. Those defensive linemen impressed me a little bit. Nick Barnett, when he was in there, I thought he played extremely well."

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