Jue on Titans, Adjusting to Injuries

Green Bay Packers safety Bhawoh Jue took time to answer a few questions about his role on the team and the Tennessee Titans:

Question: How do you prepare for Tennessee?
Jue: "They're a great bunch. They're 5-7. Coach Sherman kind of compared them to the way we were last year (at this time). We went and won our last four games. They feel like they have a chance to win their last four games. We just can't let them let this game mean more to them and it means to us. It means a lot to us. It means a lot to them because it keeps their playoff hopes alive if they win. They're playing like their lives are on the line. We have to play the same way."

Question: Does Tennessee still have a good offense?
Jue: "They have great weapons. Yes, they're a great offense. Eddie George, Steve McNair, the wideouts Dyson and Mason, Wycheck at the tight end. You've got Bruce Matthews on the offensive line, c'mon, these guys are explosive. They're just waiting to explode on somebody. Our thing is to go in there and avoid that being us."

Question: How have the Packers been able to be successful despite injuries to many of the team's players?
Jue: "Guys have just stepped in and gotten the job done. The teams that are going to be successful in December and January are the ones that can survive the injuries. Injuries are a big thing. You lose some key people and some teams may look at it, ‘Oh no, what are we going to do without them?' On our team, we plugged somebody in and it's like, ‘Let's keep things going. That's what we've done.' It's amazing.

"Even on some of the lower levels that I've played on – college and high school – if one guy goes down, it's like the whole thing is in dissarray. But our team has been able to keep going."

Question: How do you bring down Eddie George?
Jue: (laughs) Hang on and enjoy the ride. If you're asking me, I'm hitting him low. So, Eddie, I'm hitting you low. I think it's going to be tough for one guy to bring him down. But five, six, ten, 11. You can't break 11 tacklers, I don't care how hard you try."

Question: How much credit do you give defensive coordinator Ed Donatell for holding the defense together through all the injuries?
Jue: "To hold us all together and keep us believing that we can do it and that we can go ahead and plug in anybody in the system and keep the train moving. It's part of our whole system. Even if you're not on the first team getting the reps, but you're sitting on the side getting the mental reps. You take your book home at night, you read it, just in case something happens you can step in there and do it. I think that has helped us in the long run."

Question: What changing up has Donatell had to do, if anything?
Jue: "There's a little give and take there. He didn't take too much out. You can't skim down so much that you can't go out and play football on Sunday. You have to be able to go out and play. He kept it so it's not too much, but we can go out there and play hard on Sunday and not have to worry about it."

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