Colts looking at Couch

One day after losing out on a chance to back up Brett Favre, QB Tim Couch got some good news. According to reports, Couch wil get another chance to back up one of the league's top QBs.<p>

Indianapolis Colts' coach Tony Dungy confirmed that his team has an interest in Couch, who was cut by the Packers Sunday as they reached the NFL-mandated 53-man roster.

"I'm sure we'll take a look at Tim Couch," Dungy said in wire reports. "He played in a similar system to what we have when he was in Cleveland. He was the first pick in the draft. He played well both times we played against him, and I think it's something we'll talk about."

Joe Hamilton and Jim Sorgi currently back up Peyton Manning. With the NFL's co-MVP on the roster, the second and third string QBs aren't a major concern for the Colts unless either has to step in during an emergency. Then the Colts will have a problem because neither Hamilton nor Sorgi has thrown an NFL pass.

Indy's offense may be a better fit for Couch. He struggled with Green Bay's system and was bothered by a sore arm in his unsuccessful bid to win a backup role.

According to reports, Couch will get some time to rest before trying out for the Colts sometime after their season opener this Thursday in New England.

It's a long-shot for the former first-rounder, Dungy said.

"But this is not a place where a lot of guys go to jump-start their careers," Dungy said.

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