Play of the Game: Green's fumble

Momentum was on the Packers' side. The Packers were on the threshold of barging into the lead with halftime moments away. A few seconds later, the game was effectively over.

On the key play of the game, standout Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher turned a potential 10-7 Packers lead into a 14-3 Bears advantage en route to a stunning 21-10 victory Sunday at Lambeau Field.

The Packers' drive started with an 18-yard punt return by Antonio Chatman to the Bears' 41-yard line. On the first play, Brett Favre rolled to his left and flipped the ball underhand to William Henderson, who rumbled 13 yards to the 28 for a first down.

A couple of Ahman Green runs set up a third-and-2 from Chicago's 20. Favre pitched the ball to the right to Green, who followed a series of blocks to get a first down at the Chicago 13. On the play, Bears nose tackle Terry Johnson got some penetration but center Mike Flanagan was able to cut him off. Meanwhile, fullback Nick Luchey flattened a defensive back who lined up as an outside linebacker just off the line of scrimmage. Marco Rivera pulled from his right guard spot and drove linebacker Lance Briggs a good five yards before putting him to the turf. Urlacher pursued the play only to get pushed out of the way by tackle Mark Tauscher.

The Packers ran right on the next play, with Green gaining 11 yards to the 2-yard line. The star of the play was guard Mike Wahle, who pinned Briggs to the inside before continuing down field and driving cornerback Charles Tillman to the sideline.

With Green Bay seemingly on the cusp of taking the lead, the Packers ran right again. On the play, Flanagan and Rivera double teamed defensive tackle Michael Haynes to the turf. Tackle Kevin Barry, lined up in the Packers' U-71 formation, double teamed defensive end Adewale Ogunleye with tight end Bubba Franks. Wahle, meanwhile, pulled to lead the play with Luchey. Urlacher darted between the double teams and just behind Wahle. Barry lunged at Urlacher but was too late. Urlacher was nearly too late, too, to get to Green. The best he could do was grab at Green's left arm, which happened to have the ball.

"We were in goal line and knew exactly what they were going to do," said Packers center Mike Flanagan. "He (Urlacher) shot underneath at the point of attack. I don't know, who, what, when, where, but someone screwed up.

"Turning the ball over, it happens once in awhile. But holding onto that rock is so important in this business. They just kill you."

Safety Mike Brown picked up the loose ball and ran 95 yards for the game-turning touchdown. On the return, Urlacher clearly clipped Favre and, later, Johnson clearly clipped Tauscher.

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