Drive of the Game: Bears take 21-3 lead

Trailing by an unlikely 14-3 at halftime, the Packers needed to open the third quarter with a defensive stop to turn the momentum and turn on the Lambeau Field faithful.

Instead, Thomas Jones and the Bears marched 79 easy yards after the second-half kickoff to take charge, 21-3.

A screen pass to and a short run by Jones set up a third-and-1 at the 30-yard line. The blitz-happy Packers played in relatively safe, slanting their defensive line to the right. The slant, however, took defensive end Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila and defensive tackle Cletidus Hunt out of the play. On a slant, the linebackers are supposed to fill the void, but this time they didn't. Na'il Diggs was shoved inside by tight end Desmond Clark and Nick Barnett was pushed outside by pulling Pro Bowl guard Ruben Brown. With Diggs inside and Barnett outside, it was clear sailing for Jones, who ran 54 yards to the Packers' 16.

With the Packers gasping for breath, Jones got the ball again, this time running right up the middle for 11 yards to the 5. The entire middle of the Packers' defense can share the blame, with defensive tackle James Lee getting pancaked one-on-one by Pro Bowl center Olin Kreutz, defensive tackle Cletidus Hunt handled one-on-one by Brown, and middle linebacker Barnett overrunning the play. Jones sped right past Barnett's rear end on the 11-yard gain.

On first-and-goal from the 5, Hunt was pushed back four yards on a double team as Jones was stopped just short of the goal line. Jones scored on the next play on a controversial play. Left defensive end Aaron Kampman was pushed inside on a one-on-one block by tight end Justin Lyman. Before the snap, however, safeties Mark Roman and Darren Sharper, lined up to the outside of Kampman, gestured for a penalty flag to be thrown on a false start. No flag was coming, however, and the caught-off-guard Sharper and Roman were easily blocked, and Jones squirted into the end zone between the safeties and Kampman.

The scoring drive covered 79 yards in six plays — all handled by Jones. The Packers trailed 21-3 and could not recover.

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