Reaction to the Action

Here are some e-mails received by Packer Report managing editor Todd Korth ( in the aftermath of Green Bay's 21-10 loss to the Chicago Bears on Sunday at Lambeau Field:<p>

Dear Packer Report:

I felt last week that I must be the only fan out there who was unhappy with the game the Packer's played, even though they beat Carolina. Now after witnessing the loss to the Bears, I am continuing to see my concerns manifest into reality.

There are going to be a lot of people who will focus on Brett's interception, or the dropped passes during critical times by our receivers. If you do so, I think you're making a mistake. Our offensive coordinator and head coach have continually told all of us that they now consider the Packers a running team. In my opinion what this has done is make the Packers stubbornly one dimensional. When your receivers are not an integral part of the game they then lose the consistency and confidence they need with their quarterback. They cannot be expected to carry the team through to success during crucial times. You've already told them this by telling all of us that the team is now run oriented. The result is, and will continue to be, that when the Packers are behind they will find it exceedingly difficult to catch up. Ahman might be a great player, but when you focus only on the run, you eliminate not only your other potential game makers, but you also reduce their ability to develop. The result is what you witnessed during the bears game.

As far as defense goes, we will not win a championship unable to put pressure on the quarterback by our front four. To blitz as often as we are might initially seem like a good solution to our lack of pass rush, but we will continually find teams (especially with knowledgeable defensive minded head coaches) who will devise game plans to take advantage of our blitz packages. Maybe this is all we have in regard to players at this point, Cletius Hunt continues to be a major disappointment.

I wish the Pack success this year, but as a fan I am finding it hard to believe we will advance in the playoffs with the current coaching philosophy. We have gone from a West Coast multiple weaponed offense to a featured back, grind em out, one dimensional, one bullet, and a bunch of blanks running attack. The Lone Coast offense.

Jon L. Olson, Andover, MN

Dear Editor:

This is at least the third year in the past six that the Pack has lost at home to the Bears. Every single member of this organization from Mike Sherman through to the very last man on the squad should look in the mirror and ask if they deserve to call themselves Green Bay Packers. THE REAL GREEN BAY PACKERS DO NOT LOSE TO THE BEARS AT HOME - PERIOD.

Doug Faulds, Trumbull, CT

Packer Report,

After a week of all the sports talk shows talking about how great the Packers are after dominating the Panthers on Monday night, it appears that this team bought into all the hype, only to be humbled and humiliated in front of their home crowd by a better prepared Chicago Bears team. Unbelieveable!

Peter Schwind, Lima, Ohio

Dear Packer Report:

What a disappointing loss to the Bears! The second year running that Mike Sherman can't win a home opener at Lambeau. It's obvious nothing has changed. Mike Sherman is very poor at team motivation and game preparation. We shine on MNF against Carolina and shut down on of the best "D" lines in the NFL, then lose at Lambeau to a less then good team the next week. Just like last year, we beat Seattle twice, Tampa on the road, win back to back West Coast trips, but lose to AZ and Detroit.

With #4, #30 and the "O" line the Packers have, this team should be Super Bowl bound, instead we are as we have been inconsistent! It's time for Bob Harlan to make some decisions on Sherman's coaching abilities and GM abilities (BJ Sander). It's just too bad he had to use the Green Bay Packers as his training ground. Winning at Lambeau is no longer the absolute it once was.

Mike Fosso, Manchester, CT

formerly of the Great State of WI


I realize that with entire armies advancing through Jackson Hole folks from the club aren't going to be complaining much about the officiating but I wanted to ask you this question: have you heard any conversation about why that wasn't a flat-out block-in-the-back on Favre at the beginning of the fumble return and why that shot to Javon Walker's head after the misconnection wasn't at least "something toward a defenseless receiver"?

Did anybody complain about those at the time or since?

Heck, I wondered if Ferguson had been spun around by the facemask when trying to reach the sidelines at the very end.

Did you wonder about any of this?

Bennett Bess, Springfield, IL

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