Heavy Penalty For Throwing Objects Onto Field

The Green Bay Packers issued an early reminder/warning that throwing any type of object onto Lambeau Field during a game can result in a heavy penalty. Because of recent plastic bottle-throwing incidents in Cleveland and New Orleans, the Packers said today that security measures will be fully in effort for Sunday and Green Bay's final regular-season home game Dec. 30 against Minnesota.<p>

"With our game against the Browns being on national television, it is a great opportunity for our fans to show what Packers fans are like and what we know them to be ... committed to enjoying the game to the fullest while conducting themselves as good, law-abiding citizens," said Packers president Bob Harlan.

Operations Commander Alan Timmerman of the Green Bay Police Department also cautioned that "increased security does take additional time. To avoid being late for the kickoff, please arrive at the turnstiles 15-20 minutes earlier than normal. And, if you are tailgating, please allow additional time to enter the stadium.

"No carry-ins - including coolers, backpacks and fanny packs - will be allowed," Timmerman additionally reminded, noting, "Anyone found intentionally concealing items, including alcohol, will have their ticket confiscated and be asked to leave the stadium.

"Also, knives or edged weapons will not be allowed under any circumstances. All knives will be confiscated, including pocket knives. Fans, however, will be given the opportunity to take pocket knives back to their vehicles to avoid confiscation.

"Numerous knives were confiscated at the last home game against the Bears," Timmerman added, explaining, "It's things of this type - concealment of such items, as well as alcohol, that have been the primary causes of the delays in getting fans through the gates."

Kickoff for Sunday's game is at 3:15 p.m. It was originally set for noon, but was changed to accommodate CBS's schedule.

Timmerman noted that there is a city ordinance against throwing objects onto the field and that should there be such an occurrence Sunday afternoon, it would result in immediate arrest and revocation of the fan's season ticket.

He also noted, in touching upon another concern, that there previously have been unnecessary delays and backups at Gate B, the stadium's Lombardi Avenue entrance and advised, "When this occurs, please use other gates because those gates often experience no delays."

From the post-game perspective, he reminded, "At the end of the game, Ridge Road and Oneida Street, from the stadium to Mason Street, are one-way, northbound."

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