Same story, different team

Like the Packers, the Giants have been forced by injury to move up a young defensive back way ahead of schedule. And like the Packers, the Giants will see how an untested player fares against one of the league's best QBs.<p>

Instead of Jason Horton vs. Peyton Manning, this week we'll see New York safety Gibril Wilson vs. Brett Favre.

Packer fans are hoping that Favre has the same field day against a green secondary that Manning enjoyed in the Colts' 45-31 win over Green Bay last week.

This time around, however, the young DB in question is coming off a confidence-inspiring performance.

Wilson, a fifth-round pick out of Tennessee in this year's draft, became the starter in Week 3 after veteran Shaun Williams suffered a season-ending knee injury last Friday in practice.

The rookie made a game-sealing interception in the Giants' 20-14 win over Washington in Week 2, his NFL debut. After Williams' injury, Wilson kept his name in the news with a solid start in Week 3. He had a team-high eight tackles and another interception as the Giants topped Cleveland 27-10.

Wilson doesn't expect to coast into the Green Bay game on the strength of his strong start. He said he's been watching tape of Favre and is ready to be tested.

"I have to put in so much more extra work just because it's my first game away and it's Brett Favre," Wilson said in an Associated Press report. "I really need to be on my game."

Favre said the Packers don't necessarily plan to pick on the new kid in town.

"We're not going to target one person," said Favre. "We have to deal with their front and their scheme first and see how it pans out."

Defensive coordinator and former Packer Tim Lewis, gets a hand in preparing the newcomer from veteran safety Brent Alexander.

"The way Gibril is playing and everything has been very solid. I don't know how much (the Packers) will try to exploit him," Alexander said.

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