Favre adds to his legend

Brett Favre's legend is already lengthy, to say the least. Sunday he contributed another page.<p>

Favre went down and stayed down for a few tense moments during the Packers' opening drive in the second half. Trainers rushed onto the field after Favre hit his head against the turf, courtesy of Michael Strahan and William Joseph. Strahan was flagged for a facemask on the play, which was not assessed as a personal foul but instead was negated by an intentional grounding call against Favre, who was assisted off the field.

Backup Doug Pederson came in for Favre, handing off to Green for no gain, and tossing a 1-yard pass to Bubba Franks. On 4th and 5 from the Giants' 28 and heading into a stiff wind, Favre trotted back onto the field to the cheers of the 70,623 on hand.

Favre coolly dropped back and threw to Javon Walker near the right sideline in front the end zone for the game's first TD. The QB then headed back the bench, where he stayed for the duration with a probable concussion.

Sherman said if not for a miscommunication, Favre's touchdown pass wouldn't have happened.

"He was standing on the sideline, and I said 'are you okay?' and he said 'yeah' so I put him back in and he threw a touchdown pass. The doctors told me after that they didn't want him back in the ballgame. So he didn't necessarily have clearance and I was in error in putting him back in the game."

Favre was being evaluated on a series-to-series basis, but he was later downgraded to "doubtful," according to reports from the bench to the press box. Favre was lobbying to return, asking permission as the clock worked against Green Bay, but was turned down by the medical staff.

Favre's symptoms indicated a concussion, Sherman said.

"I asked them a number of times how he was doing, they said he was just a little cloudy which is indicative of a concussion. Those were the signs he was showing," the coach said. "He demonstrated an inability to communicate in a fashion that would allow you as a doctor to feel like the player was 100 percent and he was less than 100 percent.

"He was a little cloudy, albeit he was a little cloudy on the touchdown pass," Sherman said. "Certainly as a coach, I would have liked to had had him in there."

Sherman was uncertain of Favre's status for next Monday night's game vs. the Titans.

"I have not talked to the doctors in relation to next week yet," Sherman said.

Favre did not meet the media after the game.

As for Favre's teammates, they're just waiting and hoping.

"We know Brett's the guy," tackle Mark Tauscher said. "Doug came in and did a nice job for the situations that he was in. We know we need No. 4. Whater the injury is, hopefully it's not too serious."

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