Head cleared, Favre expects to start

In addition to the previously reported broken rib, Packers backup quarterback Doug Pederson has a broken bone and a torn muscle in his back.

"And lower-back pain. Other than that, I'm fine," a surprisingly good-humored Pederson added.

With that menagerie of injuries, Packers coach Mike Sherman conceded Wednesday that Pederson's season may end with him placed on injured reserve.

The news was much better for starter Brett Favre. Knocked from Sunday's 14-7 loss to the New York Giants with a concussion, Favre fully expects to be under center for Monday night's must-win game against the visiting Tennessee Titans.

Favre on Wednesday described the concussion as an "out-of-body experience." The blow, suffered when his helmet bounced off the turf when he was pressured by Giants defensive tackle William Joseph, left Favre in a temporary fog. As he watched the rest of the game from the bench, however, Favre said his memory started coming back to him, including his amazing fourth-down, 28-yard touchdown pass to Javon Walker accomplished mere moments after he was writhing in pain.

"Everything I had forgotten came back to me" by the end of the game, Favre said.

He wasn't as fortunate at the time of the injury. The blow to the head affected his entire body for the ensuing few minutes, Favre said.

"I had a bit of a headache, had some dizziness, a little tingling in my left foot and right arm. I just didn't feel like myself" Favre said.

He didn't feel any better the following morning.

"My stomach muscles were hurting," Favre said. "I thought I had done the toughest stomach workout I had ever done. And I know I hadn't done that."

While Favre's abs hurt, Pederson said his back feels like a "ball of fire" as a result of all the injuries suffered when he was drilled out of bounds on a third-quarter scramble.

The injury occurred on Pederson's first full series in place of Favre. Pederson dropped back to pass, found no one open, and wound up scrambling to his right for a 6-yard gain. Just as Pederson got to the sideline, he was hammered by Giants defensive lineman Keith Washington.

Amazingly, Pederson nearly finished the game. Only in the final seconds, when a pass to the right flat skittered to the turf about five yards short of the intended target, did Pederson remove himself from the game.

"My whole back just felt like a ball of fire when I threw that ball," Pederson said. "I knew, at that point, it was time to get out. I knew I couldn't finish."

In his place stepped Craig Nall, who completed his only pass but time expired before he could get off another snap. Nall remained under center Wednesday as the Packers began preparations for Monday night's game. Favre was given the day off to recuperate while Pederson will be out at least six weeks — and possibly the rest of the season.

With the two top guns sidelined, Nall took the lion's share of the snaps Wednesday. J.T. O'Sullivan, acquired as part of Monday's Mike McKenzie trade, got his first action.

Nall, who nearly didn't make the final roster, could be thrust into the No. 1 backup role for the rest of the season.

"It's in my job description that if somebody in front of me goes down, then I need to be able to step in and fill that role without really missing a beat," Nall said. "That's what's facing me right now."

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