Plays of the game: Brown's TD runs

Everything that is wrong with the Packers' run defense came to light in the first 5:15 of Monday night's 48-27 loss to Tennessee.

On a second-and-10 on the opening drive of the night, Titans running back Chris Brown ran right for a 37-yard touchdown.

On the play, right tackle Fred Miller shoved defensive tackle Kenny Peterson several yards inside and totally out of the play. Linebacker Torrance Marshall lined up to Peterson's outside as an end, with linebacker Paris Lenon between Peterson and Marshall. Marshall charged upfield and out of the play. Lenon followed the tight end inside and then tried to get back outside. Lenon, in fact, got back outside — a couple steps too far outside. Linebacker Nick Barnett ran right into pulling guard Jacob Bell, and Brown cut inside Barnett and Lenon and ran untouched through the hole. The last line of defense was cornerback Michael Hawthorne, who was stiff-armed to the turf about 12 yards downfield.

The second touchdown, a 29-yard run to the left, came on a first down. Bell played a starring role again. At the snap, he teamed with center Justin Hartwig to take care of nose tackle Larry Smith. Bell then came off Smith and got in safety Bhawoh Jue's way just enough to keep him out of the play. Meanwhile, fullback Troy Fleming crunched Barnett. Brown ran between Barnett and Jue, then eluded a diving tackle attempt by safety Darren Sharper about seven yards downfield to go the distance.

The common denominator on both touchdowns was Barnett getting cleanly blocked, the defensive line getting handled at the point of attack and the secondary missing tackles that would have turned the long touchdown runs into modest gains.

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