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Here are e-mails received by Packer Report Managing Editor Todd Korth in the wake of Green Bay's embarrassing 48-27 loss to the Tennessee Titans Monday night:<p>

Packer Report,

I've always been a Packer fan and always will be, but the performance I watched on Monday was pathetic. Where is our defense? I really wonder where coach Sherman got the defensive coordinator? I've seen nothing to impress me, or for that matter to impress the players or the other teams. Maybe we need a new defensive coordinator? Yes, I know it's almost mid-season, but we have try something! Or if we can't get a new coordinator, maybe put some players on the bench or check the waiver wire. This can't go on!

Kelly Luebstorf, Renton Wash.,

This 1-4 Packers team is currently: undisciplined, overrated and undermotivated. Post this in the locker room!

Joseph Hajny Washington, Ill.,

Dear Packer Report:

I love the Packers, and have been a fan since early childhood. I was brought up to watch a game until the end even if the Packers were blown out with no chance of coming back. Your head may tell you the truth, but your heart would still hang on to the hope. This was during the 70s and 80s when the Packers weren't very good at all. I know that we as fans have become spoiled with the success in the 90s, but I also think that during those lean years, we as fans knew we were not a good team. We didn't have a quarterback like Brett Favre with the determination to win. We didn't have an Ahman Green with the talent and skills to be a 2000 yard back. And we certainly didn't have a defense even worth mentioning.

While it is a shame to hear the boos from the fans at Lambeau, I think it signifies the almost unilateral feeling among Packer die-hards that this team has most definitely fallen, and its time for a reassessment of coaching philosophies. A Super Bowl contending team does not fire its defensive coordinator and promote from within. If the defense was the concern after last year, you're not going to fix it with an assistant. A Super Bowl caliber team does not try to insert a rookie punter into the mix, nor do they continue to ignore the overall lack of structure and talent on special teams. And finally, a Super Bowl Caliber team does not continue with a coach as General Manager when its obvious he's lost the confidence of his team and is making questionable decisions. I have heard enough about how if anyone can handle the dual roles, Mike Sherman can. He can't. It's time to focus on the players strengths, Instead of trying to make them fit into a system they are obviously uncomfortable with. Where is the balance gentlemen?

Although I can relate to the frustration of our fans, I can never bring myself to boo our team, but I did turn off my TV after the third quarter.

Jon L. Olson, Andover, Minn.,

My issue is exactly what every Packer fan/owner is concerned about. After watching the past 4 games, tonights game was the ultimate in disappointment, asking the question what has the defense coach been doing to earn his check? Unfortunately, firing Ed Donatel may have been an emotional and hasty decision. It appears he was used as a sacrificial lamb. Why did anyone have to be sacrificed? Who will be sacrificed this year for poor performance and I am not talking about one play in the playoffs? I watched a series of plays tonight go from 2nd and 32, 3rd and 23,turn into a 1st and 10.

Mike Sherman has to know he is ultimately responsible for the bad and the good of the team, blame or praise is owned by the leader and he or she is to protect those who work for them, not to use them as a sacrificial lamb, he should first look in the mirror.

This is not about the defensive guys not trying but they have to be very discouraged. It seems they are missing either some direction and or a connection, was this something maybe Mr. Donatel gave them throughout his career with the Packers?

As a stockholder and a huge fan, my comments are being sent to help me feel better and I will continue to fully support my team beginning with the head coach right down to the gatorade technician.

Lisa Urbaniak, Colorado Springs, CO,

Where are the Green Bay Packers? From interceptions, dropped balls, stripped balls, fumbled balls, missed catches, Defense sleeping, Offense not making plays (by the way have you ever thought of no huddle to throw the other team off, you guys are so predictable). What does it take for you guys to win??? I say fire all the coaches and hire new, then put those players to practice till they bleed.

Not winning and especially not winning at Lambeau is like getting punched in the gut and getting your heart ripped out all at once. "How many fans does it take to boo you before you get the message?" My wife doesn't know that much about football and even said you guys sucked the big one. Vince and Curly are rolling over in their graves - shame on all of you!

My old 1977 High School football team could beat you.

Very disappointed (Packer Fan for over 35yrs),

Erik Hass, Seattle, WA,

Dear Packer Report,

Any way you want to look at it, the fact is since the Eagles game last year, counting preseason, the Packers are 2 wins and 9 losses, having won 1 of their last 5 home games. I think we can all see that nothing has happened to improve this team, they are digging early holes, turnovers are plenty , and they really don't seem too focused on winning. If that is the reality of things, it seems like they closed out last year by beating the Panthers in game 1, but haven't figured out how to compete in this season yet, and 7 or 8 wins will probably be their Super Bowl. Isn't it time to make some changes since this season is pretty much over, and set up for next year giving the fans at least that much respect. We live in a new football era now that doesn't tolerate failure for very long. It is a business and change is constant. I hope that the orginazation thinks along these newer lines and doesn't wait until they get no respect at all wherever they play. Another wasted year for Brett, that's maybe the biggest crime of all.

Craig Schlomer

\Mt. Laurel , N.J,

A lot of people are asking me, C.J. what is the problem with your Green Bay Packers? Nothing, I tell them, we are on a quest to win the" STOTY" award ( sorryest team of the year ) award. Six turnovers in one game. Move over Miami Dolphins, we can stink up the place more than you can.

C.J. Frommeyer, Rockledge Fl.

Am I the only one who thinks that the Pack looks unorganized and confused as they were during the last coach's reign? This is sickening for the fans to watch. It is obvious that we need a coach/GM change. Not much to show for the last three drafts and between Joe Johnson and Cletidus Hunt's $61 million wasted, the poor decisions are affecting our present and future. We, the fans, have suffered enough. I feel for Brett, possibly his last year being his only losing season.

Hey Todd,

It is clear to this fan of 40 years that it is time to clean house.....Sherman and defensive coaching staff need to go!...I have seen this uninspired football team play better during practice at Hutson Field!....Also, bench the defense. It cant get any worse than this---or can it???...I live in Michigan and fear for next Sunday......What a huge, embarassing disappointment. I couldn't blame Brett if he retired right now...We can't hang this on the offense!

Rob Smith,

Dear Packer Report,

I understand there are some position openings in the Packer organization. I haven't played since high school and I was not any good then, which means I can't compete at the professional level. This also means I would fit right in with the rest of the stiffs lining up on the defensive side of the ball for my favorite team.

Of course, to maximize the benefit to the Packer organization, maybe I should consider coaching to prolong my career (I turn 40 in November and doubt my body could withstand the pounding very long). I have no coaching experience and could not do a decent job of preparing the team. This means I would fit right in with the current coaching staff presided over by Bob Slow-wit.

If Coach/General Manager Sherman so commands, I think I could also take over the General Manager duties. For the 2005 draft, I will one-up Coach Sherman by trading up in the first round to draft a kicker who can't kick.

I sure am glad we let go of Ed Donatell. There's no telling how bad our defense would be if we had kept that bum around.

If I get picked up as a player, I promise to play for the NFL minimum and not hold the team up for a signing bonus.

Regardless of the fact that my favorite team stinks this year, I will still continue to watch and pull for them. I have been a subscriber to Packer Report since the days of Linde Infante, and this team is more fun to watch than the team we had back then. Whether the Packers are playing for the Super Bowl or trying to be a spoiler, they are still my team. And I reserve the right to castigate them as much as my heart desires-all you positive-thinking knuckle-heads can go jump in Lake Superior in January.

Mike Poplawski,

Just where did the Green Bay Packers go who played the first Monday night game against the Carolina Panthers? So far what we have seen is no ground game, turn over after turn over, interceptions and just plain confusion between the players. What has happened to the momentum the players use to have to win this game? It is almost as if we have all new young inexperienced players who don't know the game of football.

The game against the Tennessee Titans was just plain embarrassing. With five turnovers, a muffed punt, fumbles and Brett throwing two interceptions, what the heck is going on? What happened to the guys who were determined to make the playoffs? And what about our players who were secure in their game plan? Now it seems as if the drive to succeed is missing or gone? Come on team get it together.

I have been a Packer fan and Partner for many years and will continue to be for the rest of my life but what kind of support will our team get if they are not showing support for each other. My advice, check your game strategy coaches. Player's, shake off the bad vibe of losing four in a row and get it together. We still have a chance. Brett Favre has gone through some trying times but the team needs you to step up and be the leader you have always been.

I have faith in our team to step up and win. We have 11 games to make a difference. GO PACKS!

Cassandra L. Nash, San Jose, Calif.

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