Rossley returns to work

Mark Hatley's influence continues to be felt. Just ask offensive coordinator Tom Rossley.

Hatley, the team's experienced and talented vice president of football operations, suffered a fatal heart attack in July. Because of that, when Rossley began suffering chest pains in the hours after the Monday night game against Tennessee, his fellow coaches made it clear Rossley was going to be examined. Now.

"I had pain there for, well, it seems like you have pain after every loss," said Rossley. "I kind of shrugged it off after the Giants game and thought it was just anxiety from the loss. It came back and didn't go away after the Monday night game.

"Thank goodness, the coaches insisted I go to the hospital. We were watching film and I said, ‘Let's finish the tape.' (Receivers coach) Ray Sherman said, ‘We're taking you to Bellin.'"

Thus, early that Tuesday morning, assistant offensive line coach James Campen pulled Rossley away from the film study and drove him to Green Bay's Bellin Hospital. It was there it was determined Rossley had a 70 percent blockage in one of his arteries.

Rossley underwent an angioplasty to alleviate the problem. He spent most of last week recuperating, spending only a short time at team headquarters and staying home instead of jetting to Detroit for Sunday's game.

Rossley was back at work Monday, happy to be doing what he loves but also happy to be alive.

"I was with Mark (Hatley) the night before it happened and his death was very hard on me," Rossley said. "But in a roundabout way, it may have saved my life because the coaches wouldn't have reacted as quickly as they did when I began experiencing symptoms."

Rossley said the clogged artery was due to an unhealthy lifestyle, which is typical of many coaches. Instead of eating healthy and exercising, Rossley said he fell into an unhealthy rut.

"I like pizza and french fries, and I'm going to cut them out," said Rossley. "I exercise during the off-season, but not as much during the season. I'm going to have to start doing little things, like walking to the Hutson Center for practice."

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