Favre finds another way to shine

It won't turn up in any of the statistical categories dominated by quarterback Brett Favre, but one of his most notable plays made a mark of a different kind with a big block of Dallas DT La'Roi Glover on a run by Ahman Green.<P>

A collective cringe could probably be seen on the sidelines, but that won't change anything, according to both sides.

"Asking him not to throw blocks would be like taking a part of him away," coach Mike Sherman said when asked if he was an advocate of his field general sacrificing his body for a block.

"Do I want him to do it? No. Do we practice that? No. But if he sees a way to help a teammate get five more yards he's going to do it," Sherman said. "It makes him the competitor he is and I think it makes him an inspiration to his teammates."

Favre said that cautions against blocking would fall on deaf ears.

"I wouldn't listen," Favre said. "It wouldn't matter who told me not to, I wouldn't listen.

"Not a lot of thinking goes into it when I block, but I am thinking that maybe I can give (a teammate) the one block he needs to score. I'm out to win.

"I'd hate to watch films tomorrow and see myself pass up a block... We've come too far for that," Favre said.

In more conventional categories, Favre's stellar performance - 23-of-29 for 358 yards and two touchdowns - made the usual inroads into the NFL and Packer recordbooks.

Favre reached two century marks Sunday - He played in his 100th career NFL home game (including his 1991 season in Atlanta) and his 200th career game overall. Only 21 other active players have reached 200. That list includes only one other QB, Sunday's opposing starter Vinnie Testaverde, who played in his 207th career game dating back to his rookie season of 1987.

Favre extended his streak of games with a touchdown pass to 32 with his 5-yard strike to Javon Walker on the first play after the first-half's two-minute warning. Having already gained the the No. 2 spot all alone, Favre's string is behind only Johnny Unitas who threw a TD pass in 57 consecutive games from 1956-60.

The Ironman streak forges ahead as Favre played his 198th consecutive game and made his 196th consecutive start. The distance between Favre and former record-holder Ron Jaworski stands at 80 games.

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