Mike's remarks

Here are some of Mike Sherman's comments to the media from his press conferences during the bye week:<p>

on bye week coming at good time:

"There are two parts that are critical. As coaches we need to go up in the office and go over our tapes and analyze what we're doing well and what we're not doing well, and fix the things that need to be fixed. Then at the same time, give the players a chance to regroup, rest and come back refreshed and ready to go for the second-half run."

On what he and coaches plan on analyzing: "Everything. We'll look at every part of the game – third down, red zone, short yardage, goal line. We've already done studies of other teams. We'll look at the top teams in the league in those areas. We're up there in some of those areas. We'll look at what other people are doing compared to what we're doing. It's just a self-analysis, and hopefully we'll make some improvement. Maybe there are other players we need to use in different roles and look at from a personnel standpoint as well."

On linebacker Paris Lenon:

"He has an MCL sprain. It will be day to day. I think he'll be ready for the next ball game."

On when he'll have to make a decision on whether to activate cornerback Chris Johnson:

"On Wednesday of next week we'll have to make a decision. We'll continue to look at him and make a decision from there. I can't honestly say at this point what decision I'll make. I'm anxious for him to be ready, but if not then we'll sit him down. I'll know more about him on Monday, then make a decision by Wednesday."

On status of safety Darren Sharper's knee injury: "Too soon to guarantee it's 100 percent. He's getting rehab on it. We're anticipating him to come back, but you never know how those things are going. We won't know until Wednesday or Thursday of next week."

On working with backup quarterbacks J.T. O'Sullivan and Craig Nall, and other younger players this week in absence of the veterans:

"You get a chance to work with them in the meetings and also out here in practice and iron out the kinks. Really, we wanted to look at our defensive backs. We have a lot of young corners. We spent some time this morning and wanted to work with them. We wanted to get some extra work in with the quarterbacks and defensive backs. I thought we accomplished that."

On how important mid-season bye is to team:

"I'd say the mid-season bye has been pretty gracious to us. It usually comes after our quarterback gets hurt. It allows him (Favre) an opportunity to heal up. Also, our team is banged up, so this couldn't come at a better time. Someone was telling me early in the season that the early season byes are better, but I never bought into that. I think having it right where we have it right now is a benefit to us at this present time in the state we're in right now."

On the biggest difference with improvement in offense in the first half of the season:

"I thought in the opening game we played as good as you can play on offense, running the ball. We were efficient throwing the football. I thought we were very good. Indianapolis, other than the turnover at the end of the game, I thought we were going to win that game and move the football there.

"Turnovers have been our nemesis. I think we're second to last in give-aways. Certainly didn't help ourselves the other day against the Redskins. I've never been in a game where we've turned the ball over four times and we've won it. Maybe we have once, but that's not going to happen very often. Our execution is better. Previous to last week, we're holding onto the ball better, haven't had a turnover in the two previous ball games. I think execution and turnovers have helped us."

On if he will continue play calling for Tom Rossley:

"We're going to take it a week at a time. As of right now, I'm planning on doing it against Minnesota (Nov. 14). Tom has been great. He's been a big help to me up in the press box. You all look at it as a major change. I don't look at it as a major change because of the involvement both of us have in the game plan."

on areas he wants to improve:

"We've been pretty good in the red zone this year (but) I want to be better. Our third-down has been pretty good. You don't ever want to be satisfied with where you are. You always have to look at wrinkles and adjustments and where people are going to play you. The more you're exposed to defenses, the more opportunities they have to do things that they want to shut down, so I think you always have to be ready to make the next move with new ideas and new concepts."

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