Javon Walker Q & A

Here are some of wide receiver Javon Walker's answers to questions from the media this week as the Packers prepare to play the Minnesota Vikings:<p>

On playing against Vikings cornerback Antoine Winfield:

"He's a great corner, quick, breaks on balls really well. We're going to have to go out and work on being aggressive back to the ball because they will be. They're coming off of a loss, so they're going to play aggressive. We're going to have to set our mentality to where it's going to be a physical ballgame."

On Winfield's height (5-foot-9) and if that's a factor:

"When you think about it, most people say it is, but it's still my job to go out and make that play. If I work on getting my timing down and make some plays ... anyone of us receivers, we're going to try to make them."

On if he is confident bye week helped Brett Favre's hand heal:

"I'm sure. Anytime we can get him healthy, so he can go out and play his best, we're willing to to it. He looked real good throwing the ball (in practice). It's always good when you've got him in the huddle with you."

On fewer dropped passes this year than previous years:

"It's just self-confidence. Coming in my rookie year, I was unsure of a lot of things. I was trying to make a play, plus trying to learn the play. Now, knowing what to do, it comes real easy. Focusing, doing a bunch of drills, and catching balls (in practice), trying not to drop any. It's going to happen (drops), but I'm trying to limit it. I'm just doing the things to make me a better receiver."

On what he can do in the second half of season to improve after impressive first half:

"I'm riding on a bigger high. I want to go out and really try to dominate in the second half and help our team win. We've got the weapons. ... Anything else that comes, that's extracurricular. I'm excited about us being 4-4, taking each game at a time, and winning."

On if he is seeing different coverages after "breaking out" in the first half of the season:

"I haven't really noticed. A lot of teams are playing different schemes. It really depends on what play we have called and what route I'm trying to run, but I haven't noticed a difference."

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