Two-minutes to glory

When Brett Favre walked back onto the Reliant Stadium field with exactly two minutes remaining, he had to be smiling. As for the Texans, they must have wondered how they managed to set the Packers up so perfectly.<p>

The two-minute drill is already an exciting chapter in Favre's Packer legacy. Proving he's not finished writing it yet, the 35-year-old QB has engineered two textbook game-winning drive in as many weeks. Both times, he drove the Packers into range for Ryan Longwell's walk-off winner. Sunday's rally resulted in a 13-10 win over the host Texans and kept the Packers atop the NFC North.

"In situations like this you find out what you are made of," Favre said. "I knew what we were made of, I was just waiting for it to come out. It's always great when you win a game like this. I am exhausted right now."

The happy ending was similar to those Favre has crafted 31 times before - rallying the team to a win after facing a deficit or tie in the fourth quarter.

"Well, its fun when you win. I said it last week and again this week, I'd rather be up," Favre said.

Because of a slew of injuries to running backs, Favre had to serve as the team's arm and legs. He obliged by going 33-of-50 for 383 yards. During the victory march, he was 6-of-7 for 42 yards with his only incompletion coming on a spike to stop the clock.

Sunday night's two-minute drill featured passes to five different receivers and two nail-biting third-down conversions.

"I can only imagine what my family was going through watching the game," Favre said. "I'm sure they were pretty tight, but they weren't by themselves (feeling that way)."

Here's the march, step-by-step:

1st and 10 from the GB 31-yard line, 2:00 remaining: Favre's pass complete to Tony Fisher to GB 34 for 3 yards.

2-7-GB 34 (1:31) Favre's pass to Robert Ferguson complete for 6 yards to GB 40.

3-1-GB 40 (1:03) Favre's pass complete to Antonio Chatman for 6 yards to GB 46.

1-10-GB 46 (:38) Favre's pass to complete to Chatman for 11 yards, puts the Packers into Houston territory on the 43.

The teams exchanged time outs with 31 seconds remaining.

1-10-HST 43 (:31) Favre's pass complete to Javon Walker for 3 yards to Houston 40.

2-7-HST 40 (:20) Favre spiked the ball to stop the clock.

Then the game rested on a third-down play with 17 seconds remaining. 3-7-HST 40 (:17) Favre's pass out of the shotgun was complete to Driver to Houston 28 for 12 yards. He appeared to easily stop out of bounds, but the official signalled for the clock to continue.

Favre ran after the official, frantically calling for a time out. The official did not turn around and several seconds ticked off the clock before the time out was finally called. Green Bay had its third and final time out with 4 seconds left. Houston then called for a time-out to "ice" 8-year veteran Longwell.

1-10-HST 28 (:04) Longwell's 46 yard field goal is GOOD, Center-Rob Davis, Holder-Brian Barker.

"I don't often get a chance to do that," said Longwell, who had only one walk-off winning FG in his previous 7 seasons in Green Bay and now has done it in consecutive weeks. "It's probably good because my mother wouldn't survive the season. I don't often miss early so I'm not out there late. Today was my chance and it was redemption after my early miss."

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