Frequent Fliers

Never one to mince words, Packer quarterback Brett Favre laid it on the line at half time of Sunday's playoff game vs. San Francisco at Lambeau Field: He was going to find a way to win.<p> That meant finding a way to score, and to Favre, the shortest route was through the air.<p>

"I'd hate to leave a playoff game and think that we left something on the field," Favre said of the inspiring 25-15 wildcard win.

"If the season is going to end, so be it; I'm just going to play my butt off."

Favre threw for just 42 yards in the first half; after the halftime wake-up call, Favre showed teammates he practices what he preaches. Favre more than matched his first-half total with one pass in the the third quarter: a 51-yard strike to Corey. That set up Favre's 19-yard TD missile to Bubba Franks.

"I made a read off of the safety," Franks said of his only catch of the game. "The safety cheated over to the free side and left the middle wide open. I'm glad Brett saw me. He just made a great throw."

Favre finished 22-of-29 for 269 yards with two touchdowns and one interception. He also remains unbeaten when the game-time temperature is 34-degrees or below. Today's kickoff temperature was 28.

"I don't think a quarterback could have a better game than he had today," GM/Head Coach Mike Sherman said. "He took total control of the football game."

Beneficiaries of Favre's largess included Antonio Freeman, who had a big day with 6 catches for 84 yards.

William Henderson caught four passes for 22 yards while Bill Schroeder added three grabs for 31 yards. Corey Bradford had two catches for 56 yards including a 51-yarder that sparked Green Bay's first scoring drive of the third quarter. Donald Driver made a crucial third-down catch at the two-minute warning.

Once Favre and his receivers caught fire, nothing the much-hyped San Francisco defense did could douse the flames.

"You get in a rhythm and the only way you get out of it is when you slow yourself down and relax," Favre said. "You just have to keep going at them; you have to think that way."

The second half air attack left Packer receivers with the sweet taste of satisfaction after besting the bigger name Niner receiving corps.

"Everyone talked about how good their receivers are," Bradford said. "Have you seen our receivers? We have good receivers. We have six receivers who can step up and start."

The receivers will put their newly-forged reputation on the line against the league's best next week in St. Louis.

"We don't talk trash. We just get the job done," Driver said.

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