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Selections from Packer head coach/GM Mike Sherman's post-game press conference following Green Bay's 47-17 loss at Philadelphia Sunday:<p>

On the Eagles: "They're a good football team. Obviously to be able to do what they've done, to win games successively and as successfully as they have, they're a heck of a football team. There's no question about that. They do a great job on offense of moving the ball around to different players and the different weapons that they have. Defensively, they mix it up and keep you guessing."

On whether the lopsided loss is a measure of the Eagle's dominance or a poor performance by Green Bay: "We're certainly not as bad as we looked tonight. I promise you that. We're a lot better than we played and they certainly looked very good. I'm not taking anything away from them because they beat us handily. But, we're not as poor as we looked tonight. We're a lot better football team than this, and we will be next week."

On the Eagles using four wide receiver formations late in the game: "That's doesn't bother me. It's our job to stop them. It's part of the game, and I don't worry about that."

On whether he expected the Packers to have more success running the football: "I thought we'd be able to run the football better than we did tonight. We had to kind of get away from it a little bit certainly in the second half. I thought we'd be able to move the football that way, keep the chains moving while keeping them off the field offensively. Also, I thought we'd be able to get some explosive passes, which didn't happen. They did a great job of keeping us at bay. They played a lot of two-deep in the first half and relegated us to throwing elsewhere."

On whether he intended for the Packer offense to pass as much as it did: "It was a combination. We did intend to run it and mix it up and blend it in as we have – run and pass. But based on that situation, we ended up heavier in the pass plays. I think part of that had to do with long yardage. We had too many penalties."

On whether he considered going with backup Craig Nall earlier than he did: "I considered it, but I thought we took him out at the right time. I did consider taking him out one series previously." On whether Favre's consecutive game streak of throwing at least one touchdown pass in a game was a consideration in terms of when he removed him from the game: "No."

On the difficulties of covering Eagle running back Brian Westbrook when he's lined up wide: "He probably could go out and play receiver for them - he's that good of a receiver and that nifty of a route runner. When you match him up with a linebacker, it's a mismatch."

On Donovan McNabb: "I said coming in, he's their most valuable player. He touches the ball every play and he does something special with it, whether it's throwing, running, or his decisions. He made a lot of great plays out there."

On the ineffectiveness of the Packer receivers against the Eagle young cornerbacks: "They protected them a fair amount of time with their coverages. I thought they did a nice job of overlapping and rotating their coverage. But our receivers are good receivers, and we'll have better days."

On the difficulty of a short week on the road: "It's difficult. We were missing some guys in practice this week which didn't help much getting ready for a team like this. We've been able to do it before, and we've been successful following Monday Night games, so we can't use that as an excuse. We've won quite a few games after playing on Monday Night, so that's not an excuse. I thought the guys were ready to play, but it wasn't our night tonight. That was very obvious. Are they that many points better than us? I don't believe so. Are we that many points better than the Rams last week? I don't believe that either. But they were tonight, and tonight's all that counts for today."

On why he did not challenge the Sheldon Brown interception early in the game: "It wasn't conclusive enough. It was not conclusive."

On the Packers not losing any ground in the division due to the loss by the Vikings: "I didn't even know. I didn't look at any scores today, so that's some good news. Thank you. I appreciate it."

On the character of the Packers: "As I said before, someone commented last week about the character of our team, and winning six games in a row, and battling, and winning late in games. As I said before and I'll say it now, the character of this team was defined when we lost four in a row – when we were 1-4 and things didn't look that good. That's when they showed me what type of team they are. Even though we were stinking up the place at different times, they showed me their character during that stretch. We'll show it again this week. They'll come back to work tomorrow and look at the tape, as we will as coaches. I have to point the finger at myself first and look at how we could have done better, and how we could have better prepared this team and go from there. We'll roll up our sleeves and fix what needs to get fixed."

On whether he was embarrassed by the margin of the loss: "If I lose by a point or 50, when you lose you lose. I just don't believe in moral victories. If we lost a close game, it would have been a little bit easier to swallow I guess, but a loss is a loss and it counts the same."

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