Eagles torment Roman

When one team rolls up 542 yards and 47 points, there's plenty of blame to go around. But two members of the Packers' secondary had particularly bad games.

Mark Roman was the Packers' prime free-agent acquisition during the off-season. The safety was supposed to help solidify the Packers' weak run defense and, as a former cornerback, provide a strong two-way player in the secondary.

Roman has had a decent season but he'll be featured prominently on the Eagles' season-ending highlight reel. As the Eagles decimated the Packers for 35 first-half points, Roman was in the picture on four of the touchdowns.

Philadelphia scored on its second possession of the game when Donovan McNabb and Terrell Owens connected for a 41-yard touchdown. Owens somehow got wide open in the Packers' secondary for a big play on first down. Roman had a bead on Owens, however, but whiffed at the 13-yard line, and Owens pranced into the end zone to make it 7-0.

The Eagles made it 21-0 in the second quarter when running back Brian Westbrook got wide open up the right sideline against Roman for a 31-yard touchdown. Roman took one too many steps to the line of scrimmage as McNabb rolled out, and Westbrook blew right past him, caught the ball around the 10-yard line and jogged in for the touchdown.

The Eagles scored again on the next possession, capped by a 6-yard touchdown to tight end L.J. Smith. Roman bit on a play-action fake to Westbrook and was on the far set of hashmarks as Smith began his break into the flat. Roman recovered but wasn't able to bring Smith down before he crossed the goal line.

Westbrook tallied his third touchdown of the game, a 12-yard reception, when he lined up in the slot and beat Roman easily on a slant.

Meanwhile, rookie cornerback Ahmad Carroll — the reigning rookie of the week — took a couple steps backward in his development as he resorted to the clutching and grabbing that plagued him during the preseason and the first few games of the regular season.

He was flagged for illegal hands to the face in the first quarter, then singled out three times in the second quarter. Defensive holding on Carroll helped contribute to the second touchdown. The biggest penalty came on an unnecessary pass interference call that gave the Eagles a 31-yard gain. Carroll was in position the whole way but kept grabbing at Pinkston. Moments later, Carroll was flagged for illegal contact but that penalty was nullified due to offsetting penalties. Instead of third-and-10, the Eagles got a second-down do-over and scored two plays later to go up 21-0.

Carroll did taste some success, especially on the opening drive, when he snuffed out a reverse to Terrell Owens and beat a blocker to pick up a sack on a cornerback blitz.

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