Reaction to the action

Here are some letters received by Packer Report managing editor Todd Korth ( after Green Bay's 47-17 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday:<p>

Dear Todd:

We again experienced another day of Mike Sherman's ineptness and lack of preparedness. It was clear that within 3 minutes of the Philly game that Sherman's team was mentally unprepared to play the game. I think they had 4 or 5 penalties within the first 3 minutes, our Pro Bowl offensive line gave up multiple sacks, Brett's second interception was clearly not an interception and Sherman did NOTHING to challenge it, and the "D" again gave up over 500 yards of offense (see paragraph 3)....should I continue?

At some point it has to be clear that Mike Sherman cannot game prepare his teams for BIG games. Let me recite all of our playoff losses under Sherman; the Atlanta playoff game 2 yrs ago, the St. Louis playoff game 3 yrs ago, and then last year's playoff game against Philly....again, should I continue?

Today's Philly game was a playoff caliber game and again Sherman lacked any type of game plan. Goodness, what kind of play was that on Favre's first interception, sending Bubba Franks deep? Bubba is a great tight end, but not a deep threat. You might as well send Marco Rivera deep! Marco is a great guard, but not a deep threat! Did it dawn on Sherman to maybe send Javon Walker deep? What a novel idea that would have been! Moreover, since becoming EVP and GM 3 yrs ago, what has he done to build a defense? The answer again is nothing! Oh, let me correct myself, he signed Joe Johnson, overpaid for Cletidius Hunt, pissed off one of the best cover cornerbacks the franchise ever had, had no depth in the "D" line when Grady Jackson went down, promoted Bob Slowik....I can continue, but won't.

I guess what frustrates and saddens me even more is the fact Bob Harlan is doing nothing about this. I can see this franchise reverting to the pre-Ron Wolf era. You know, when Green Bay was the league joke. If you played poorly, your coach would threaten to trade you to Green Bay. Let's pray and hope that Bob Harlan has more sense then this.

Mike Fosso, Manchester, CT (former Wisconsinite and Packer Fan Forever!)

Dear Mr. Korth,

It has been several years since I last wrote to you. I don't express my opinions to you until I can no longer constrain my emotions. I really don't care if you publish this or not but I feel that I may be speaking for many silent Packer fans.

Concerning the Packer - Eagles game, I threw in the towel early in the 2nd quarter and went to Home Depot until it was over. I knew exactly what was going to happen from prior experiences. This was the game to determine if we were contenders. All I have to look forward to now is beating out the Vikings for the division title and then an early exit from the playoffs. It is time for Favre to retire. He loses his composure in critical games. He cracks under pressure and then deliberately leads the team into disaster so he doesn't have to carry a burden. I have witnessed this same scenario of self destruction 5-6 times or so over the years. The standard bearers of the Favre bandwagon can make all the excuses from a bum thumb to personal complications in his life. Brett Favre is who he is, and that is an NFL quarterback who has lost his nerve. It is time to step aside and let a new QB take the ball. It is not fair to his teammates nor to the loyal Packer fans to continue like this year after year. It Brett wants to pad his stats and chase down Marino's records then trade Favre to another team like Arizona or New Orleans. They would be glad to have him. I have had him long enough.

Mike Gleason, Welch, Minn.

Dear Editor,

Well, it appears that our beloved Packers, when faced with a quality opponent, fail to show up. I hope the Packers and the head office are embarrassed and humiliated by the teams' gutless effort. Ray Nitschke and Vince are writhing in their graves.

This team, with very few exceptions, is replete with losers. I believe that the greatest NFL quarterback of all time will retire out of pure disgust with our defense.

I urge all Packer fans to email and write to Bob Harlan demanding a coaching and GM change. I have been a Packer fan since the days of Nitschke and Hornung, and I am thoroughly disgusted with this team's lack of heart.

James Nesmith, Upland, Calif.

Packer Report,

I see Bob Slowik standing on the sidelines with a befuddled look on his face. This guy doesn't have a clue as to how to stop Philly. Andy Reid is taking Sherman and his staff to school. The only good news is at least the Vikings lost today too.

Peter Schwind, Tipp City, Ohio

Hi Todd,

It's been awhile, nothing much to say except I'm a litte sad that Brett's TD thing has to start over again. Thanks to the much hated Bears we're still very much alive. GO PACKERS!

NFLly yours, Jessie Hummel, Loyal fan

Packer Report,

I have Zero coaching experience, not even an assistant coach or water boy at the grammar school level so I won't try to tell Coach Sherman how to coach, who to play or draft or how to correct any flaws. But I do have some questions and I'd really like to have some considered answers to help me better understand the game.

1. Are the knowledge and skills necessary by a General Manager the same for a Head Coach so that one person can accomplish both functions at the same time in the highly competitive NFL?

2. Since Holmgren gave up or was released of the GM responsibilities, how many other NFL teams have a combined GM/Head Coach?

3. Has any NFL team with a combined GM/Head Coach ever won the super bowl or even been in a super bowl?

4. If a strong GM had been at Seattle – Ron Wolf for example -would the Packers now have one of the better RB's in the NFL, or would the GM have told Holmgren to deal with the fumbling problem?

5. If an RB is "left handed" which causes fumbles when he runs right - and he can't learn to shift the ball, is there a reason why most of his runs can't be designed to go right? ( Kevin Barry may have missed a block but don't blame him for the fumble that resulted in a 95 yard Bear TD. And to talk about that as a game buster is hardly accurate when it happened in the 2nd quarter and only put the Bears 7 points up!)

6. There were 10 consensus cornerbacks in the 2004 draft and only 3 were gone when GB was to select. Would a full-time GM have added enough scouting wisdom to overrule a coach that wanted to give up a 2nd round selection to move up a couple places to pick a 5'9" CB that will be there later? He not only can't cover the big guys but he will have a record number of holds/pass interference). And if the trade up hadn't happened, what could the Packers have done in that 2nd round pick for a good DE pass rusher, nose or other need?

7. Is there any truth to the opinion that play-action freezes LB's and safeties for that extra important split second that may spring the runner for a big one or allow the QB a little more time to let the receiver get into his route?

8. In the shallow red zone, is the rollout with run/pass option a very difficult play to defense especially after a really well hidden play-action?

9. Should the executive committee who combined the GM/Head Coach functions reconsider so the head coach can devote all of his time and skills to coaching?

I have other questions but for know the answers to these will give me plenty to study and learn.

Jack Bowles, Bloomington, Ill.

Packer Report,

I am more disgusted with so-called Packer fans than I am the Packer loss after reading the "Reaction to the Action."

Fair weather fans, why don't you just leave? You're the ones who jump on the Pack for any little thing that doesn't result in a win. Was Sunday's game a lousy one? Sure it was, but that doesn't mean we are out of contention. Now if we were to go on and lose every game here on out, then I would say that perhaps you were and are justified in your comments.

To those of you who think Brett Favre should retire, need I remind you we just came off a six game winning streak and no doubt you were singing Favre's praises. You should get down on your hands and knees each and every day and thank the good Lord we have a quarterback like Brett Favre. When we were one and four I told people to not get down, that it wasn't the end. Why? Because we have #4 and with him, anything is possible. We went on to win six games in a row. We are NOT out of contention. We had a bad game. It wasn't just Brett, it was EVERY single player on the team.

We have some potentially lean years ahead of us when Favre DOES retire. We may likely never see the likes of such a quarterback again. We ought to be enjoying and appreciating every minute that we have Favre as our quarterback. Once he's gone, he's gone. I for one am not anxious for that day to come. Like I said, with #4 as our quarterback, anything is possible.

Go Pack Go. Fair weather fans, don't let the door hit you on the way out.

-Tracy Mangold

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