Favre shows some skin for wife

In a loving tribute to his wife, who is undergoing chemotherapy, Packers quarterback Brett Favre has shaved his head. <p> Not down to the skin. Yet.

"I'm gradually cutting it down so I can be like my wife. I had to ease into it," Favre said Wednesday of his crewcut. "She'll look a hell of a lot better than me without hair, but maybe that will make her feel better. She has to do it, there's no choice. But just whatever support I can give her."

Deanna Favre was diagnosed with breast cancer in October and has been taking chemotherapy treatments for the last three weeks. The chemotherapy is causing her to lose her long, dark hair.

"She's up and down," Favre said. "She's hanging in there probably much better than I would. She has her moments."

After the chemotherapy is complete, she will begin radiation treatments in January.

The cancer is yet another trying circumstance for the Favres' split family. Their oldest daughter, 15-year-old Brittany, lives in Mississippi with relatives while Brett, Deanna and 5-year-old Breleigh stay in Green Bay during the football season.

Along with the cancer, Favre's father, Irv, died of a heart attack almost a year ago. Deanna's brother Casey Tynes died in an all-terrain vehicle shortly before the cancer diagnosis.

"Kids are resilient," Favre said. "(Breleigh) doesn't really know the difference, fortunately. When she sees her mama without hair, I'm sure that's going to be somewhat traumatic for her, but for the most part she knows no different.

"Brittany being in Mississippi, it's tough, but at a time like this, maybe it's helpful."

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