Diggs recovers from scare

When it comes to being tough, few people can match the toughness of a football player. But even a football player has a breaking point. Such as when there's blood in his urine.

Starting weak-side linebacker Na'il Diggs was enjoying the best season of his career when it all came to a screeching halt during the second quarter at Philadelphia.

Diggs made a diving tackle attempt of Eagles running back Brian Westbrook and landed on his elbow, which dug into his side. Diggs left the game fearing the worst, such as a broken rib. X-rays turned up negative, however. It wasn't until he went to the bathroom when the problem became clear. Or not clear, in this case, as Diggs began to urinate blood.

"A lot of things go through your mind when blood is coming out of your body," Diggs said Wednesday.

Diggs was sent via ambulance to a Philadelphia emergency room. He flew home with the team but spent Monday and Tuesday in a Green Bay hospital.

"The ER is not where you want to be. You're in some trouble if you're in the ER," Diggs said. "It was very scary at first," Diggs admitted later. "I've never been in an ambulance before and getting rushed off to the hospital. People are panicking to take care of your health. It's a scary situation. But luckily through time and with some healing I came back pretty well and pretty fast for this type of injury."

Fast indeed. Diggs is listed as probable on the initial injury report, meaning there's a 75 percent chance he'll play Sunday against Jacksonville.

While the Packers are optimistic he'll be available, Diggs isn't out of the woods health-wise. Doctors continue to check Diggs to make sure the internal bleeding has stopped. Meanwhile, while the kidney is healing, Diggs is left with a sore back.

"Hopefully, the file is closed on it after this week and all the test results are good and everything comes back negative," Diggs said.

As for playing against the Jaguars, Diggs said he'd know by Friday or Saturday. "I haven't run yet. I haven't hit anybody yet. So, right now, I'm not really sure myself."

By sitting out against Detroit, Diggs' 62-game consecutive-starts streak came to an end. Diggs, who has played through a menagerie of injuries during that streak but had enjoyed relatively good health this season, saw no reason to be a "tough guy" and play through the pain.

"Life always wins over a job."

Diggs is part of a sparse injury report for both teams entering Sunday's contest:


OUT: TE George Wrighster (back).

DOUBTFUL: CB Juran Bolden (quadricep).

PROBABLE: WR Jimmy Smith (ankle); DT Marcus Stroud (knee).


QUESTIONABLE: T Kevin Barry (quadricep).

PROBABLE: T Chad Clifton (hamstring); LB Na'il Diggs (back/kidney); DT Grady Jackson (knee); LB Nick Rogers (knee); C Grey Ruegamer (ankle).

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