Mike's Remarks on Rams

Green Bay Packers head coach Mike Sherman answered questions by the media Wednesday regarding the St. Louis Rams:<p>

on Packers offense helping the defense: "We have to execute on offense. These guys (Rams) are going to have some explosive plays. They're going to score some points. We're not going to shut these guys out. I think in the first half alone throughout the season, they had 305 points, which is more than half the teams in the National Football League scored the entire season. What they do in the first half, half the teams in the league took 16 games to score that many points. So, they're an explosive unit. We're not going to shut them down.

"They're going to get their plays in the game, but we have to keep hanging in there and keep playing with them. But we have to score points as well. ... We've got to be aggressive as well. We can't just be dinking and dunking. We've got to take our shots where we can take our shots as well."

on biggest challenge Rams present:

"They are a very talented football team. The other thing is that they are very well coached team, very disciplined team. This is not just a bunch of great athletes, they know what they are doing, they know how to do it, and they do it well. I think the offense is clicking at full guilt right now. They 160 explosive plays during the season, at least by our count, I hope they keep that to a minimum Sunday. There defense has really stepped up, I think Defensive Coordinator Lovie Smith did a great job coordinating that defense. He got them flying around, making plays and shutting people down. I think they are very powerful on both sides of the ball."

on what he considers an explosive play:

"A pass over 16 yards and a run over 12 yards."

on rams defense

"They have their own deals that they do. They are like Tampa in some ways, but they do a great job of rotating their defensive lineman through. CB Aeneas Williams bring a lot to the table, and the good safeties. There are a lot of similarities, but there are some differences as well." on what kind of year QB Brett Favre has had:

"He thinks a lot more clearly, he is a more mature quarterback. It is like having another coach out there on the field. He just knows what he wants to do and when he wants to do it. He is more aware of potential problems that may exist and coverages. He will always be an aggressive quarterback, that is never going to change. He takes less chances, I should say he is cautiously aggressive at times. At least by his standards. I just think he is getting better, he sees the entire field." on Rams QB Kurt Warner: "He hung in there and battled. Went different places and did different things. Finally got his break and made the most out of it. He did a great job. I have the utmost respect for what he accomplished because it wasn't easy. You watch him play and score touchdowns it looks easy. If you get to where he got it's very impressive.

"The one thing is that he is very accurate. Where he puts the ball for guys to catch them just amazes me. I watched him last night on tape, I watched him this morning he is very poised, very confident and controlled. He is a very accurate quarterback."

on Packers success in a dome: "If you check playoff history, Favre is 2-0 in domes, so that is a good thing. We beat Detroit in '93 for a wildcard game, and then we won a Super Bowl in a dome. If you go with playoff history, which is what I am favoring at this point, he is undefeated. We play some pretty tough teams in those domes. I am not going to say that it is the dome that did it, we played in a dome this year at Detroit and won. I don't put a lot of stock in that. The fact that the Rams play in a dome is insignificant. We are playing the Rams, not the stadium and not the crowd, though the crowd is a factor we have to be able to handle that. If we are a team that has reached this level we should be able to handle this crowd noise, if we can't handle crowd noise we don't deserve to be here."

On how to slow down RB Marshall Faulk: "I don't think you can slow him down a whole heck of a lot. He is by far one of the most dangerous weapons in the NFL. I remember him when he was in high school, I was a college coach, he played every position. He is a phenomenal player. I just think you have to contain him to a certain degree and he is going to get his yards and make his play. We have to fight like hell to keep him out of the endzone."

on doubters:

"As long as those people are not in the locker room downstairs. I don't really think or care about what other people say about us or where we are or what they think we are going to do, that doesn't really matter. What really matters is what my team thinks. My team plans on going over there and playing a heck of a football game. They are really looking forward to the challenge. We have the up most respect for St. Louis, but at the same time they are looking forward to coming and playing a football game."

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