Drive of the game

Darren Sharper was sharp. The Jacksonville Jaguars, however, were sharper. The Jaguars answered Sharper's amazing touchdown with the type of drive championship-worthy teams make and championship-unworthy teams allow.

With 4:49 to play in the first half, Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila roared around the left side of the Jaguars' offensive line and delivered a blind-side hit to quarterback Byron Leftwich. The ball fell to the turf, harmlessly it seemed. As the other 21 players assumed the loose ball was an incomplete pass, Sharper knocked the ball from an unsuspecting Jaguars lineman, picked up the loose ball and waltzed into the end zone to give the Packers a 10-7 lead.

That game-turning play, however, will turn out to be just a footnote. Jacksonville answered by driving 68 yards in four plays to answer the touchdown with one of its own.

The penalty-plagued Packers did more than their share to help the Jaguars respond. A second-and-2 offsides penalty by Aaron Kampman gave the Jaguars an easy first down. On the next play, a Leftwich-to-Kyle Brady pass fell incomplete but Packers linebacker Hannibal Navies grabbed, bumped and jostled with Brady for the last five yards, drawing a pass-interference penalty. The 28-yard gain — a roughing-the-passer penalty on Kampman was declined — gave the Jaguars a first down at the Packers' 27.

On third-and-4 from the 21, Packers cornerback Al Harris was called for a ticky-tack defensive-holding call. Instead of fourth down, the Jaguars were given new life, and Leftwich made the Packers pay by hitting Jimmy Smith for a 16-yard touchdown.

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