Drive of the game

What separates Brett Favre from most quarterbacks is this: While most QBs run the hurry-up offense, Favre runs a two-minute drill. Big difference.

Given 1:35 and two timeouts to negotiate about 55 yards needed to set up a potential game-winning field goal, Favre appeared to have all the hurry-it-up of a sloth.

With the score tied at 31 and the ball at the 13-yard line, Favre started the winning excursion innocently enough, hitting Donald Driver for 7 yards and Javon Walker for 8. An illegal-motion penalty and an incompletion set up a second-and-15 with 46 seconds left.

Time to panic? Time to start hurrying? Hardly.

Favre calmly hit Tony Fisher on a textbook-perfect screen pass to pick up 21 yards and a first down to the 44. Center Grey Ruegamer made the key block at the point of attack, a Vikings defender stumbled and Mike Wahle provided a one-blocker escort.

After an incomplete pass, Favre hit Driver on a short crossing route. Driver caught the ball only a yard downfield, but the Vikings' linebackers were nowhere to be found, allowing Driver to pick up another 17 yards for an 18-yard pickup to the Minnesota 38 with 25 seconds left.

Needing only a few more yards to set up a Ryan Longwell field goal, the Packers provided the knockout. Favre hit Walker on another short pass, and the Pro Bowler did the rest, using a Driver block to run the ball all the way to the Vikings' 7. The key to it all, however, was Favre. Favre saw an unblocked Vikings blitz coming and unloaded the ball to Walker before getting drilled by safety Brian Russell.

"We were going to have one (receiver) free," Favre said. "I just threw it to a spot and never saw him catch the ball. When I actually looked up, I saw Javon running, and I said, ‘It was a little better than I had hoped.'"

That set up Longwell's winning kick, and the Packers are again division champions.

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