Favre part of White funeral service

Packers quarterback Brett Favre was a pallbearer and some 50 members of the organization attended Reggie White's funeral in Charlotte, N.C., on Thursday.

White helped lead the Packers to a world championship following the 1996 season and back to the Super Bowl following the 1997, and is the team's all-time leader in sacks. For all White meant on and off the field, attending the funeral was the least he could do to show the franchise's thanks, team president Bob Harlan said.

"He's a huge part of our tradition," Harlan told reporters in Charlotte. "For us to come here and salute him, I hope it meant something to the family. It meant a great deal to us."

Also in attendance were Eugene Robinson and Keith Jackson, teammates from those Super Bowl teams, and Ron Wolf, the architect of those teams. Current Packers Favre, Rob Davis, William Henderson, Ryan Longwell, Marco Rivera and Darren Sharper also made the trip, as did coach Mike Sherman. Among the pallbearers with Favre were former NFL players Adrian Murrell and Michael Dean Perry. Baseball Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson was there, too.

The media was not allowed to attend the funeral. Robinson said it was a mixture of sadness and humor. A sample of the humor came in a story shared by gospel singer Bebe Winans, who sang two songs at the service. Winans recalled phone conversations with White in which both sang the national anthem.

"He would say, ‘I beat you that time!"' Winans said. "And I would say, ‘No, Reggie, that was the worst singing I ever heard."'

White died Sunday of a lung ailment that led to heart failure. The passage of time has done nothing to erase the shock of his passing at age 43.

"I've known him my whole NFL career," said Jackson said. "He's a mentor. It's difficult. ... He's one of those pillars of the NFL that you just don't ever see going down. It's just hard to believe."

"It's just shocking, but at the same time he definitely accomplished a lot in his life," Longwell said. "I believe he's up there in heaven with no regrets, for sure."

Irving Fryar was a wide receiver in Philadelphia and another former White teammate. Fryar is a minister now.

"Reggie was a seed planter in my life, as far as my Christianity and my belief, and me getting my act together," Fryar said.

White's final NFL season came in Carolina. Panthers owner Jerry Richardson signed White in 2000 after he had been retired through the 1999 season.

"We're fortunate that we had an opportunity to have him on our team, even though it was a short while," Richardson said.

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