"Nall's" well that ends well

Heading into Sunday's game vs. the Bears at Soldier Field with nothing on the line except the team's health for the huge game looming next week, it felt like the final week of preseason. What a perfect opportunity for Mr. August Craig Nall to get a shot at some January glory.<p>

Coach Mike Sherman gave Nall the heads up after the division-clinching win in Minnesota that the backup would relieve Brett Favre at some point in the finale. But then life intervened. Former Packer Reggie White's tragic and sudden passing meant that the team's attention and hearts were elsewhere, far away from worrying about practice reps.

When the delegation returned to Green Bay, they had a day to prepare. Nall, who isn't new to the role of Favre's backup and moved to the No. 2 spot after Doug Pederson's rib injury, has been ready for a while.

Nall made the most of the opportunity. He went 7-of-13 for 131 yards, one touchdown and a nifty 114.6 QB rating.

"He's made a lot of progress, coach Mike Sherman said. "Nobody really knew the substitution pattern I was going to use this week, but I told Craig that he would get into the game when I felt like Brett had had enough work. They were the only two I really shared that information with."

Nall led the Packers on two scoring drives. A five-play, 71-yard drive culminated in the 25-yard TD pass to Walker with 6:14 left in the second quarter.

"It was fun," Nall said. "The guys around me played great." Nall didn't get to fully experience his own highlight of the game. He said he didn't actually see his touchdown pass hit its target.

"I got knocked down so I didn't see (Walker) catch it," Nall said. "But then I heard everyone screaming and I knew something good happened."

Later in the third quarter, Nall led a drive which went 70 yards on 11 plays, but came up just short. Tony Fisher's four-yard plunge set up the Packers with a sweet second-and-goal situation at the 2-yard line, but two incompletions stalled the drive. Already leading 28-14, the Packers settled for a Ryan Longwell field goal. The 20-yarder with 42 seconds left in the third quarter turned out to be the final score of the game.

Nall played most of the rest of the way, except for third QB J.T. O'Sullivan taking a knee twice in "victory formation" to end the game. .

"I thought he did an outstanding job," Sherman said of Nall. "He led us to a touchdown and field goal, if he had made a better decision on the last play he could have had himself enough touchdown."

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