Drive of the game: Packers tie the score

The Packers' master plan — take control of the game so the key players could take a seat from the safety of the sideline — was looking a little shaky. The Bears torched the Packers' maligned defense for an opening-drive touchdown, and the Packers responded by failing to convert a fourth-and-1 play.

Suddenly, it looked like the Packers had a game on their hands. But the Brett Favre-led offense found its stride on its second possession of the game. Backed up to their 14-yard line after Ahmad Carroll was flagged for holding on the Bears' punt, the Packers put together their best drive of the game to tie the score 7-7.

On second-and-7, Favre found a wide-open William Henderson in the right flat for 15 yards and an easy first down. After an Ahman Green run, a 13-yard pass to Bubba Franks moved the chains again and pushed the ball into Bears territory.

The drive was near death, however, when Donald Driver was stuffed for a 9-yard loss on a reverse. A 2-yard run by Tony Fisher made it third-and-17. The Packers played it safe by calling a screen to Ahman Green, and amazingly it turned into a first down with a 23-yard pickup to the Bears' 33-yard line.

Leading the way were left guard Mike Wahle and center Grey Ruegamer. Wahle shoved aside defensive back Nathan Vasher and Ruegamer gave a pro wrestling-style back-body drop to Lance Briggs, flipping the linebacker onto his back. The smallest man on the field assured the first down as wide receiver Antonio Chatman tied up R.W. McQuarters long enough for Green to get the necessary yardage.

A first-down handoff to Tony Fisher went nowhere. On second down, the Packers went with an empty backfield, and amazingly nobody covered Fisher, who was lined up as a wide receiver. Favre took one step and winged it to the left to Fisher, who picked up 16 yards to the Chicago 17.

Another blown coverage turned into a touchdown, as Bubba Franks was open by 10 yards on a corner route. Even a poor throw by Favre — the ball hung in the air forever — couldn't prevent the touchdown. Javon Walker was the key to the play. His route only covered about 5 yards but it attracted four defenders. Franks split that foursome on his way to the end zone.

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