Communication breakdown

Cletidus Hunt was benched for Sunday's game at Chicago for his unacceptable level of play the week before at Minnesota. So says Packers coach Mike Sherman. Hunt was out of the starting lineup Sunday so he could rest. So says Hunt.

The difference of opinion perplexes Sherman. So much so that he wasn't sure whether Hunt would regain his starting spot for Sunday's playoff game against the Vikings, even though Hunt had one of his more productive games of the season. He finished with three tackles and a sack and a knockdown of Bears quarterback Chad Hutchinson. He also set up a Corey Williams sack in the first quarter with another solid pressure.

When asked whether Hunt got the message with his benching, Sherman replied: "Apparently not because he said in the paper that I was resting his legs. It's a little confusing to me."

Whether Hunt understands the reason for his benching or whether he was sugarcoating it for the media, Sherman wasn't thrilled with the controversy. Asked if Hunt would start the playoff game, Sherman said, "I haven't made a decision on that yet."

If the 310-pound Hunt doesn't start, the 292-pound Cullen Jenkins would be in the lineup for the second straight game. Jenkins' strength is his quickness and ability to rush the passer. His 4 1/2 sacks, however, don't do a lot of good against the run. With Jenkins in the lineup to start the game, Bears running back Thomas Jones broke off some sizable runs.

"He's probably better at coming off the bench in the capacity that he's played in the past," Sherman said. "He has great quickness. I didn't think he had a particularly great game the other day. He gives you great effort. He'll get cut and he gets up off the ground. But he doesn't have the mass. You'd rather have a bigger body in there."

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