Mike's Remarks

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Here are Packers coach/general manager Mike Sherman's comments after Green Bay's 45-17 loss to the St. Louis Rams in an NFC divisional playoff game Sunday:<p>

on what he said to the team after the game:

"We didn't come here to have a moral victory. Whether we lose the game by four or 28 points is insignificant to me. We came here to win a game against a very good opponent. We fully expected to go out there on the field and perform well. Obviously we didn't perform up to my expectations, or even their expectations and we come away a loser.

"I want them to remember the feeling that we have right now. There's a lot of unhappy disappointed guys that have sacrificed an awful lot to put us in this position to play this type of game. I just want them to remember the feeling that they have right now. Hopefully, that will ignite a fire as we prepare for next season. Tomorrow we get to work on next season, and we go from there."

on if he was surprised at all by the Rams:

"No, they're a good football team. I give them a lot of credit. The defense did a great job of running around and making plays. Yes, we turned the ball over, but they were there to catch it, and they did something with it after they caught it. They ran into the end zone. I take my hat off to the Rams, they did a nice job."

on the running game:

"I think the score had something to do with us getting untracked and not necessarily the running game itself. I think if we were able to keep things close there, it might have been a better running game than it was. But again, the Rams played well."

on penalty that nullified Allen Rossum's kickoff return for touchdown:

"In this type of game, any points against this type of team are significant points and we took seven points off the board. It certainly would have been a momentum boost for us, something we needed. It just seemed like it was that type of day at the office where things weren't going right. Everything we did came back at us. It wasn't because a lack of effort or guys trying. If anything, we may have wanted this too much. The guys were trying to make plays, and it just wasn't happening. Maybe we pressed too much. I don't know."

on if more of a talent gap than expected:

"No. I think anytime you turn the ball over eight times, there's going to be a difference of at least that many points, or maybe more."

on Brett Favre's performance:

"Well, he's had a hell of a year. Today wasn't one of his best days. He'll be the first to admit that. It wasn't one of our best days, either. We've seized a lot of the benefits from his good days. Obviously, today wasn't one of his best ones. That's the way it goes."

on what he said to Favre during game:

"‘Just hang in there.' He's one of the reasons why we were able to play in this game. He just had to hang in the game and keep fighting, which he did. Unfortunately, there were a lot of things that happened out there, some of them beyond his control and it didn't work out."

On what his team needs to take the next step:

"I have a couple of days to start that process. I'll wait until this game's out of my system, whenever that is to make those decisions."

on if there is a big gap between the Packers and Rams:

"I think we contributed to that gap today. I don't want to take any credit away from them. They caught the balls that we had thrown or tipped and they made the most out of those opportunities. I don't feel like we just got our butts kicked physically. I don't think that happened today. I think we had some opportunities. There were times we moved the football. There were times we shut them down. So we did some good things today. Just not enough and we did too many bad things. But I don't think there is that big of a gap between us and them at the present time. I'm sure they would say different. But with all do respect to them, they did play a hell of a football game and we didn't."

on if a game like this hurts his confidence:

"One game doesn't make or break you. It happens that this is our last game and we can't recover from that this year, but we're fortunate enough to play well enough this year to play this game and to play a team like the Rams. If we had fumbled and stumbled enough previous to this point, we wouldn't be here. I'd much rather be in the arena being challenged and losing than not be in the arena at all. That's where we were today. We were in the arena. We were challenged and we lost. We'll get another chance next year, I promise you that."

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