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Still love Brett,
Hey guys. after watching the packers lose big time I have to say when is the team going to stop expecting brett to win the game by himself?with the recievers droping the ball and the offencive line not blocking I think coach sherman needs to look at who to replace and the list should be long. I have been a fan since I was 9 and am tired of seeing us not doing as good as we can.

no matter I will always be a fan.go Brett.

Bruce Smith
Good season!

Dear Packer Report:
I am watching the last quarter of the playoff game, and it's sad to see a great season end, especially this way. It was great to see the Pack in the playoffs again, and to win one more playoff game in the 'old' stadium. There were many exciting plays and games for us fans to watch, including beating the Bears twice - always a joy to behold. Let's hope for another successful season next year. And thanks to Packer Report for all the great stories and letters from fans. Keep up the good work!

Can't have everything
Packer Report,
Well,I know we were all praying for an upset,but I think we all knew this was going to happen.However,I didn't imagine it would be like this.You can't turn the ball over in the playoffs like we did against the Rams,and expect to win.

Defensively,I thought Ed Donatell came up with a great scheme against the Rams,and I thought the defense played well.

I would like to thank the Green Bay Packers for a great and exciting season.Being a die hard Packer fan,I know next season will be just as exciting.

I hope Mike Sherman makes some good decisions in the free agent market,and in the NFL draft to put the Packers in the playoffs next season.

Thanks Packer report for a great season of reporting on the real"America's Team" The Green Bay Packers.
Peter Schwind
202 Eastown Dr.#15
Wapakoneta Ohio 45895

Don't forget
Dear Packer Report:
I was planning on including congratulations to the Rams for their sportsmanship and victory over our Packers. Then I witnessed a Rams team attempt to run up the score on the Pack; throwing on fourth and one when they are up 38 to 10 in the fourth quarter.

Remember this game guys; digest it, and move on to next year. Remember this game when the Rams travel to Lambeau field, and please show them the same considerations when we have the game in hand.

We should all look forward to it.
Jon L. Olson
2860 135th Ave. NW
Andover, MN 55304

Still proud
Packer Report,
Rather than lay blame on what or who on the last game at St. Louis... I and every other loyal Packer fan want to thank the coaches and team for doing their best this season. We have come along way baby. As I sat back and watched the game unfold I didn't get mad ,I got real. I thought to myself that you all have done an awesome job to come so far and do what you have done. Other teams are less than, but you'll always be the Packers, The Green Bay Packers, the greatest team that has ever played and existed in the NFL. No one can change the pride of "the green and gold". We are the most loyal and committed. As I've said all along:" never surrender" because we all believe in you !
Your loyal fan from Seattle, Washington,
Erik J. Hass

And even prouder
Packer Report,
Just finished watching the Packers, Rams game. Ouch! I am sure you will be getting lots of letters, blasting Brett Favre and how badly we played. I want to say straight out as painful as it was to see them lose that way, that I am still very proud of this team and the year they had. As bad as all we Packers fans feel, I am sure they are hurting a whole lot worse then we are. It's tough on all of us to have come this far and then lose in this fashion. Let me come quickly to Brett's defense. Sure he had an off game but it was not all his fault. It just was not our day. However lets remember that without Brett at the helm this year we would have been lucky to win even half our games. He most certainly has given us lots of thrills and excitement all throughout his stellar career. I thoroughly enjoyed this season and am proud that we were able to get this far. We have plenty of reasons to be optimistic about next year. We have a real good mix of veteran players and a lot young up and coming talent. Thanks Packers for a great season!
John Pfaltzgraff
Des Moines, Iowa

Standing by team
Dear Mr. Korth;
In spite of the agony of the game against St. Louis, we Packer fans have nothing to be ashamed of. There are twenty-three other teams wishing they had been in the Packer's position. You will probably receive letters from so-called fans blaming Brett Favre for the loss. Without him, the team would have watched the game at home. Real Packer supporters will stand by the team no matter the outcome. My congratulations to Mike Sherman and the whole team. Well done. I will be ready come the new season. Go Packers!
Dan Leviten

Ball bounces their way
Packer Report,
It's an unfortunate way to end the season. As I sit here and watch I can't help but think we had our opportunities. We had a chance to over come our ghosts on turf. We had a chance to prove who the "real" MVP was. And we also had a chance to move that much closer to bringing the game's ultimate prize back home. We are a much better team than this and the ball didn't bounce our way!! I hope that this team can learn from this experience and hold their heads high at the same time. I feel for Brett and this whole team. It's been an impressive season… a lot of players have had a tremendous year. But the turnovers and the "one" penalty showed inexperience today, as did inconsistency throughout the year in the 2 losses after regaining the lead of the central division. Great season, unfortunate day, room for improvement. I'm looking forward to August coach. Go Pack!
Eric Dini
Park Ridge, IL

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