He forgot to flush

He forgot to flush: Class act that he is, Vikings wide receiver Randy Moss followed the touchdown with a questionable gesture, that somehow didn't draw a flag.<p>

Elaborate pantomines are usually flag fodder, not to metion crass gestures like Moss'. During the regular season the Packers were flagged for taunting after staging a quick dice game with the touchdown ball. One memorable taunting penalty came a couple seasons ago after a Bears player followed a TD by pretending to drive a car and rolling down a window.

Those harmless, if silly, celebrations aren't anywhere near the category Moss entered Sunday, one that networks had to avoid after the game. "Good taste prevents us from showing you the celebration," was the comment on ESPNews.

So most pundits are in agreement that Moss reached a new low. Most would also agree that the flag may not have made a difference in the game, but the lack of a penalty does highlight the lack of consistency by officials following touchdowns.

Apparently the league will pick up the slack for the officials. The Vikings have already been told that the league will be in touch regarding Moss. The receiver said after the game that he "doesn't care what they talk about," adding that "They better be talking about the W we laid on Lambeau Field."

Interesting choice of words. Maybe it's a good thing the flag wasn't thrown. Who knows what he would have done with it if it had.

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