Play of the Game: Moss moons the Packers

Through four turnovers and countless mistakes, the Packers somehow were in sniffing distance of the Minnesota Vikings as the fourth quarter of Sunday's NFC wild-card game opened.

Najeh Davenport had just scored on a 1-yard run to cut the Vikings' lead to 24-17 with 13:39 remaining in regulation. The Lambeau Field crowd was back in the game. The Vikings were about to start their usual meltdown.

Or not.

Aided by a pair of penalties by beleaguered rookie cornerback Ahmad Carroll, the Vikings had a first down at the Packers' 34-yard line. The Packers rolled the dice, with defensive coordinator Bob Slowik calling for an all-out blitz.

It failed miserably. Linebacker Hannibal Navies was supposed to blitz from the outside, with safety Darren Sharper moving forward to cover tight end Jermaine Wiggins. Navies, however, did not blitz. Sharper moved toward the line of scrimmage. Cornerback Al Harris played for the Vikings' hot read: a slant to Randy Moss. But with no blitz coming, Vikings quarterback Daunte Culpepper had time and Harris was toast.

"They showed the total blitz that they got us on a couple of times earlier in the game," Culpepper said. "And I saw Randy and gave him an audible signal and he just ran it perfectly, he ran a 5-yard stop and took it back up. We were able to fool No. 31 (Harris) and I just put it out there and Randy made a great catch."

Culpepper's pump fake had Harris seeing a replay of his game-winning interception against Seattle in last year's wild-card game. With visions of game-changing touchdowns in his head, Harris broke on the slant pass that was never thrown, and a hobbled Moss ran past Harris on a slant-and-go. Moss was open by five yards as Culpepper lofted the ball over Harris' head. With Sharper filling the void that was supposed be left by Navies, there was no center-field help.

"We called an all-out blitz," a frustrated Harris said. "There is no way possible that you should have time to run a double move. The ball has to come out quick. I was sitting on the route. Of course I'm going to sit on it. That goes back to last year (against Seattle). All-out blitz, quick throw, interception, touchdown."

Instead, it was touchdown Vikings.

The fans were mooned.

The season was over.

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