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Here are e-mails received by Packer Report Managing Editor Todd Korth ( in the wake of Green Bay's 31-17 loss to the Minnesota Vikings in Sunday's NFC Wild Card playoff game at Lambeau Field:<p>

Packer Report,

OK,if no one else wants to say it I will,"it's time for Brett Favre to retire". He has had a magnificent career,there is no question about that.He will be a shoe in his first time eligible for the Hall of Fame,but it's time for the "Gunslinger" to ride off into the sunset.

I knew Green Bay was going to lose.If you look back to the way the media has hyped the Packers the week before a big game whether it be on ESPN,or the newspaper,they always lost.This past week there were several stories on ESPN,and the Packers receivers made the front page of the sports section of the USA Today.

As for Mike Sherman, I've said it once, and I'll say it again,"the Packers will never win another championship while he is head coach". His poor draft picks,poor coaching decisions during games have been a detriment to the Packers.I hope Bob Harlan takes a close look at things in the off season and makes some changes.

Trading away your 2nd round pick,and then drafting a punter,who by the way never saw any game action this season,tells me that Mike Sherman is in over his head.

If Mike Holmgren gets fired in Seattle, Bob Harlan needs to bring him back to GB as the GM.

Peter Schwind, Tipp City, Ohio

Dear Todd:

It's the 2:00 minute warning and another BIG game that Mike Sherman, Tom Rossley, Bob Slowik, Darrell Bevel and the likes thereof could not game prepare for has just come to a heartbreaking end. Poor play calling, countless penalties, turnovers, defensive backs arguing with each other on the sidelines and with the mystique of Lambeau long gone under Mike Sherman (4-5 at home this year, including the playoff game) the franchise is in a state of chaos. I don't need to review all the big games Mike Sherman has blown at the playoff level. However I would like to quote one statistic, he is the ONLY coach ever to lose playoff games (yes, plural) in Lambeau Field.

Gone are the days when Ron Wolf and Mike Holmgren surrounded themselves with great assistants, many of whom went on to great head coaching careers. I doubt Sherman will have to worry much about anyone "pirating this ship of fools." Sherman is using this as a training ground. So many very good defensive coordinators were available last year and we end up with two defensive guys, Slowik with no experience as a coordinator and Schottenheimer a cast-off from the hapless Lions. Even more disgusting is the fact that Favre's first two QB Coaches, were Steve Mariucci and Andy Reid. Now we have Bevel! What is up with that? Sherman is certainly concerned with anyone who might know more then him. It's hurting the franchise to say the least. One thing that the poor defense has allowed us to do is forget the poor performance again of special teams.

Well, onward to 2005. I don't even want to think about our cap position with all of the poor free agency decisions Sherman has made, i.e. Joe Johnson, Terry Glenn, Mark Roman, Nick Luchey (brought in to replace Pro Bowler, William Henderson), re-signing Cletidus Hunt and draft day busts. Yet when we needed a free agent to deal with the Mike McKenzie situation, Sherman did nothing.

I hope Bob Harlan and the Executive has the heart and courage to change what needs to be changed in order to save this storied franchise.

Thanks, Todd, for your great publication! Keep up the good work!

PS. - As the GM, isn't Sherman responsible for fixing field conditions? Why on earth was it not re-sodded for this game? Our stars were dropping like flies from injuries!

Mike Fosso, Manchester, Conn.

Packer Report,

I have a couple of issues after the playoff loss against the Vikings. It was an embarrassment because of the way Favre and the offense played. We all love Brett, but what he showed me at the end of the first half made me mad for the first time ever with him. I truly hated that he didn't put his body on the line and try to go for the first down instead of knowing he was past the line of scrimmage and throwing the ball in the end zone. He showed no heart on that play. That could have been a big first down or even if he wouldn't have got it, maybe the Packers could have went for it to get within seven points at the half. I know he throws a lot of interceptions at times, but I was really upset after that play, especially when he smiled back at the huddle.

My second issue is about why under Sherman, we have the most embarrassing playoff losses every year. I knew after we beat the Bears in week 17, that the only team we didn't want to face was the Vikings because it would be the best revenge for them. All week before the game, everyone was picking the Packers to win, but all that I could think of was the Atlanta playoff game 2 years ago. Also, why do the Packers keep losing like this? After all the things that they go through, a team like the Vikings that are classless in everyway can beat the Packers at Lambeau Field. What Randy Moss did was just a classless move, but a team like that won the game. Can they fix the defense in a year, can they resign anyone that they need, or does it really matter in the end. Would Brett leave the game after this showing? I sure hope not, but why look forward to next season if it will end it such utter embarrassment anyways. Who cares if we won the division, it's all over in such a heartbreaking fashion.

Adam Wamsley, Platteville, WI

Packer Report,

I'm a 54 year fan of the Pack. I have seen coaches come and go. The board of directors have to step up and make the proper decision. Sherman might be a good man but he has some serious drawbacks. The biggest drawback is serving as general manager. McKenzie was a key and he let him go, getting next to nothing. Having two punters on the roster is totally unforgivable. We have two quarterbacks who led the Europe league. Is he truly thinking that either can take over for Favre? He drafts two corners that were total busts. To let Sherman continue to evaluate talent, including coaches, would be a disaster and would only prove that the BOD simply do not the best interests of the team at heart. This team needs to move forward and a competent GM is the first step.

Dick Williams, Dunnellon, FL Hey, Mr Korth,

Well, the season is done and I thought I might drop you some parting thoughts.

I was wondering who the "terminator" Coach Sherman will fire and blame this one on? Any thoughts? Except for the two LOB, serious LOB pass TD's to Mr Afro Head Hair Moss, the defense in the second half was awesome! While I am at it, why didnt some crazy Packer Fan jump out of the stands and attack and kill Mr. Moss when he caught his second TD and did his little childish act of faking "mooning" the fans! Packer fans can tolerate just so much, but that was too much! I had a bunch of buddies over from work, did up a bunch of brats on the grill, and I was embarrassed totally! I wanted to throw my beer at the TV!

Mr. Favre? Why were you laughing after you crossed the line of scrimmage and whipped the ball out to a player in the end zone? You could have gotten the first down and then properly handed or passed the ball to somebody like Green or Franks, but no, whipped it out there and laughed about it, with your FOUR INT's! Have fun on the tractor in Kiln this off season!

Where do we go from here? New Coach? Who do we draft? Will just have to wait and see! GO PACK GO in 2005?

Look forward to your articles next season in the Packer Report.

Todd Thuss, Beaverton, Ore.

Packer Report,

I am not a fair-weather fan, I am a true fan who bleeds green and gold. I bled a lot tonight. We all knew it was a long shot for this team to go deep into the playoffs, but to be embarrassed at home to the hated Vikings is too much to accept without comment. This team has too many weaknesses to list here, but the bottom line is serious changes need to be made from the top down. There are way too many highly-paid players not earning their money, especially on defense; and if this coaching staff can't get the players ready for a big game like this, they never will. I am a Packer fan for life, good or bad, but a team that cannot even handle the basics, such as tackling and pentaty prevention, needs a program change. I do not consider these comments unjustly negative, just realistic.

Rick Otto, Spring Lake, Mich.

Dear Todd,

I do not understand why President Bob Harlan and the rest of the Packers Executive Committee cannot see the "Writing on the Wall" with regards to Mike Sherman. Let's sum up his Packer resume in no specific order:

1) Not making it past the second round after making the Playoffs in four consecutive years.

2) A 10 and 9 Win/Loss Record at Home since the end of the 2002 Regular Season.

3) Fourth and 26.

4) Resigning Cletidus Hunt to a multi-year contract in 2003.

5) The Mike McKenzie Fiasco.

6) Firing Ed Donatell as the "Scapegoat" and the Defense gets worse in 2004.

7) Drafting a Punter in the 3rd Round and keeping him on the team to Save Face.

8) A Lack of Motivation in back to back Home Opener Losses to Divisional Opponents.

9) The strategy decisions made in last years Divisional Playoff with the Eagles.

10) Penalties, Penalties and More Penalties.

If you add these all up, you have to conclude that Mike Sherman will never equal a Super Bowl Championship Trophy for the Green Bay Packers. This is a real shame with having Brett Favre and some of the other talent on this current team.

Joseph Riepel, Austin, Texas

Packer Report,

Oh well, our boys lost to the dreaded Vikings. Obviously, Favre could've played better, but he can't do it alone. As always, we need to reinforce certain tackling and holding on to passes. Someone might even try teaching Ahman Green how to prevent fumbles. And maybe by next year, the refs won't be concentrating so hard on trying to find infractions by the secondary. Lately, it seems that ANY contact by a Packer is illegal.

That being said, our guys played a bad game and gave this one away. I didn't think they were strong enough to go all the way but it would've been nice to beat Minnesota's crapper crew. Thanks to Moss' lowlife antics, I will now look forward to watching Philly make him soil himself for real.

Thanks for the ride this season, Packers. My family and I still love ya' and look forward to seeing our guys play in the Pro Bowl, and to a better effort this fall.

The Moore family, Georgetown, Ind.


Well, as predicted, another nationally televised playoff meltdown is in the books. Once again, as predicted, the offense forgot its courage, the defense forgot its heart, and Stupid Sherman forgot his brains. "Are we in Kansas yet, Auntie Em??!" Click Click!! The Packer Board of Directors have GOT to let Mickey and his Mousketeers go, revamp this PITIFULLY AWFUL defense, and basically start from scratch on the defense, and YES the offensive side of the ball, could use some tweaking , also 105 yds rushing on 29 attempts for 3.6 per carry on a 20 degree day against the VIKINGS???!!! Uncle Sherman.....say it ain't so!!! Look, I feel sorry for Farve. He is one of my favorite players and THE toughest S.O.B. in the game. And he has personally gone thru alot over the last year or two. But even with his 4 INT's and sub-par performance today, the Packers would have been 6-10 this year without him, instead of 10-6.

Defense, or the lack thereof, makes this team only slightly above average, solely because of #4. DEFENSE!!!!!!!! MICKEY!!....DEFENSE!!!!! HEY SHERMAN!DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS!

I have said this until I am blue in the face, make him coach only, G.M. only, or get rid of him!

The Packers fold under pressure as a team because they are poorly coached under stressful conditions, like the stressful conditions of the playoffs. I hope Farve returns next year, because I enjoy watching him play. As far as the Packers go..." If I only had a..........DEFENSE!"

Gary Allen, Sunnyvale, Calif., (Born 1957 Oconto Fall, Wis.)

Editorial Section,

How about the second EMBARRASSING home playoff loss in three years? What about a losing record at Lambeau Field? How about over $30 million tied up in two defensive lineman, one of which is no longer is on the team, and one who had to be benched the season finale due to lack of productivity? Mike Sherman is at the least an incompetent General Manager, and he has continued the trend GM’s failing to create quality football teams. Sherman said that we couldn’t afford to give McKenzie more money because other players may get the same idea. Well, name one player Sherman has signed other than McKenzie that wouldn’t be laughed at for asking for a pay raise. My main problem with the Packer organization isn’t the coaching. I thought Donatell received too much of the blame. Also, I don’t think Slowik deserves all of the blame, yet he isn’t a step up from Donatell. The problem is the coach/general manager has no ability to think outside of the coaching box. Too often we have traded up for players who at most will only slighltly increase our abilities. Just this last season we made this mistake with Carroll, and Sander. Except for Walker, we all know the success of drafts Sherman has had. My solution, give Ron Wolf a large contract to come back and be our General Manger, give Sherman his last year to try to focus on coaching and if that doesn’t work out give him the boat. Unfortunately Favre probably won’t be around for more than three years, so let’s bring in Wolf to help us plan for the future . . . we all know Sherman hasn’t.

Jon Reed, Fort Collins, CO

Fellow Fans,

Well, it is obvious that we are all disappointed to lose early in the playoffs, especially to the Vikings. And I don't even feel like commenting about Moss, that idiot's actions speak for themself. I would like to think about what happened this season, and where the Packers are going. First, I believe we need more conditioning and practicing, especially on defense. No player is going out to try and miss tackles, but it happened on our team more than any other. It shouldn't. As a team, we don't tackle well, and good teams do. Make the change. I also think we need to play the better player, not the most expensive. There are a few areas where we have players that we spent a lot on that are starting, and their backups both work harder, and seem to be better players, yet we keep starting and making the same mistakes. To be a starting player on the Green Bay Packers is a privilege: it needs to be earned, and there are a few players that don't realize this. It is time to think about Favre moving on. I support this: he has a lot going on in his life that goes beyond football, regardless the time is coming, if not this year, the next. I personally would like to see the Pack sign Najeh Davenport and become the feared running team we once were.

When our sweep was an automatic 8 yards, when we had an established run EVERY game. We aren't going to find a Brett Favre- we need to change the way our offense runs. Our receivers are the best- you can't help but love Double D and Walker and Fergie, but a strong running game can only help a new QB (Nall?).

Finally, don't P&M forever about the loss to Minnesota. Yes, it sucks, but it is pretty easy to be a Packer fan. We do well each year. We are not the most consistent, but putting our heads down is not going to help anything. I wore my Packer shirt on Monday- I am proud to have the Pack as my team. If something is wrong, it needs to be fixed, but even if they go 1-15, I'll be at the games. Thanks for the season guys!

Jason Eckes, Middleton WI

Packer Report,

Well, I predicted a 20-interception season from our so called savior, as it stands at halftime against the Vikings we are one short. What an idiot.

For a New Year's resolution how about a coach that has enough "balls" to bench the above-mentioned idiot. Is there something in the water in Green Bay that the fans there can't call Favre on the rug and ask him why he does the stupid things that he does?

Christopher Hebert, Essexville, Mich.

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