Letters to the editor

Here are a few e-mails and letters recently received from fans of the Green Bay Packers:<p>


When pondering your retirement, please do not forget your Chicago-based fans. I believe we would be hit hardest by your premature departure.

If you retire, we will have to endure a celebration the magnitude of which we haven't seen since the Bulls' championship reign. There will probably even be a horrible video not unlike the "We are the Bears, shuffling through" nightmare of 1985. Each year this city waits anxiously for an announcement from up north that the "bear-killer" is gone. But thankfully, each year you return.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep playing. You are still the best. And if you leave the game, all we'll be left with down here is the pizza.

Lisa K. Nelson, on behalf of the many Windy City Packer fans


I offer some reflections and suggestions:

A record of 10-6 looks impressive until one looks at the opposition. The Pack played a grand total of three teams with a winning record and lost them all.

The offese: B – too many fumbles and interceptions.

The defense: F

Sherman's drafts? One game-breaker (Walker) and two journeymen (Kampman and Barnett), plus a ton of failure.

Why not addition by subtraction? Trade Green for a defensive stud or two, and rid yourself of a fumbler who singlehandedly loses games every year (Kansas City, Chicago). Fisher and Davenport, behind that line, can carry the ball as well as Green maybe will avoid dropping it.

Congratulations to Mr. Harlan for divesting Mr. Sherman of his GM duties. Now finish the job and get a new coach.

A fan and critic since the 1930s,

William H. Tripp, Prescott, Ariz.

Packer Report:

The so called "fans" response to the 1st annual Fan Fest was "beyond anyone's expectations." I am a Green Bay Packer fan who lives in Milwaukee, Wis. I tried calling the 800 number to get tickets and received a message that my "area code had been blocked." When I called Lambeau Field I was told that area codes all around the country were being blocked because the phone company was being indunated with calls and I should "keep trying."

On packers.com they commended the great Packers fans for coming through once again ... blah, blah. Well check Ebay and see what some of those so-called packer fans are selling their $55 tickets for. The highest bid so far for 2 tickets is $455. This is outragous. I couldn't even get through to try to purchase tickets and these people were lucky enough to get tickets and now their basically screwing those who want to go - and people will buy them at that price and that's a shame. This should not be allowed to happen and I'm totally disgusted. These are probably the same people who sell their season tickets to those of us who are unfortunate and don't have season tickets and want to see a game. We pay the price which is double or triple face value so we can see our Packers. This has got to stop.

I too had reserved a hotel ahead of time and will now have to cancel. If the Packer organization would of only made tickets available at the ticket office and not given the opportunity to purchase by phone that would of been different, I would of driven to Green Bay from Milwaukee to stand in line with the rest and I would not of sold my tickets on Ebay to anyone!


Packer Report:

Winning and losing games is part of football. All franchises lose games. The way a franchises rises above to be the best of the NFL is by being not only a winner, but a class act. I congratulate the Patriots on their win but to all the players that mocked the Eagles with the "bird moves" I say you are low class people and don't deserve the glory of the win. Beat your opponent but don't disrespect him.

Mark W. Koenitzer, Atlanta, Ga.


Tell Coach Mike Sherman and GM Thompson that they should seriously select QB Stefan LeFors from University of Louisville Cardinals and groom him to be the future Packer QB, after Brett Favre's retirement.

LeFors has a good size and strong arm strength, and very bright. His passing accurancy is over 70 percent, and he runs and scrambles very well. Check his statistics and they are very, very impressive.

Make LeFors the Packers' FIRST round selection.


Packer fan since 1960,

Gary E. Theiler, Lincoln, Neb.

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