Wolf: I should have taken Moss

Randy Moss's Green Bay fan club is pretty small. The leader of it, however, may surprise you.

Former Packers general manager Ron Wolf says, despite all of Moss's baggage, he regrets not drafting the talented but troubled wide receiver when he had the chance in 1998.

"If I had the benefit of a second guess or whatever you call it, I should have taken that guy," Wolf told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

"This is one player who in my time in Green Bay turned the division around and turned the game around. ... All that trouble (the Packers) had with the Cowboys where we could never beat them in Dallas (in the 1990s), Moss was as big a thorn in the side of the Packers."

Instead of taking Moss, however, Wolf wound up selecting defensive end Vonnie Holliday with the 19th pick in the first round. Two picks later, the Vikings grabbed Moss.

(Those names were star crossed again this week, with Holliday released by Kansas City the day before Moss was shipped to Oakland.)

Holliday had a solid five seasons in Green Bay but wound up signing with Kansas City following the 2002 season in large part because the Packers had sunk so much money into defensive ends Joe Johnson and Jamal Reynolds and had pass rusher Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila approaching free agency a year later.

Moss, meanwhile, has merely been one of the most productive and feared wide receivers in the history of the NFL. In seven NFL seasons, Moss has averaged 82 catches for 1,306 yards and 14 touchdowns. His 9,142 career yards are the most in league history for a receiver with seven years of experience.

For all his big-play ability, however, Moss has found his name on the negative side of the headlines too often. This year, along with his infamous "mooning" of the fans at Lambeau Field, he walked off the field before the game was over at Washington. In 2001, in response to taking plays off, Moss said "I play when I want to play." He has squired water at an official, yelled at coaches and shoved aside a traffic officer with his vehicle.

Despite all of those knocks, Wolf said he'd want Moss on his team.

"Guys like this don't walk down the street every day," Wolf said. "I've heard all the negatives about him. Part of the problem is I don't see Randy Moss 16 weeks or 20 weeks, so I don't know what that's like being around him and all that. He came to play, and he did everything you could ask a player to do. He did everything you expect a big player to do and more so. I have nothing but the highest regard and respect for him as a player."

The man holding Wolf's former position, new Packers general manager Ted Thompson, is more than happy to see Moss out of the NFC North.

"It's classic Al Davis," Thompson told the San Francisco Chronicle. "Anytime a player like that becomes available, he tries to get him. I'm just glad to see him out of our division."

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