Packer pop quiz

For the most part, things have been going pretty well recently for the Packers when it comes to their most hated and heated rivals, the Chicago Bears.<p>

Since the Bears went 12-2 against Green Bay from 1985 to 1991, the Packers have turned the tables. Since 1992, Green Bay has won 15 of the last 19 meetings against Chicago.

How much do you remember about recent Packer-Bear games?

Here are 11 questions plus a stumper to test your knowledge on the last 10 years of the NFL's most storied rivalry.

1. Which Packer rushed 29 times for 107 yards in Green Bay's 17-3 win over the Bears Nov. 22, 1992 after not rushing the ball in the team's previous two games?

A. Harry Sydney B. Edgar Bennett C. Vince Workman D. Buford McGee

2. Who capped a 91-yard drive with a 17-yard scoring run to seal the Packers' 17-3 win over the Bears Oct. 31, 1993?

A. John Stephens B. Marcus Wilson C. Brett Favre D. Darrell Thompson

3. Name the future Bear who rushed for 105 yards and scored three touchdowns in the Packers' 31-6 win at Soldier Field Oct. 31, 1994?

A. Darrell Thompson B. Raymont Harris C. Edgar Bennett D. Anthony Morgan

4. Who mopped up for Brett Favre at quarterback and went 1-for-3 for six yards in the Packers' 40-3 win over the Bears Dec. 11, 1994 at Lambeau Field?

A. Jim McMahon B. Mark Brunell C. Ty Detmer D. T.J. Rubley

5. Which Packer caught seven passes for 86 yards with two touchdowns in the last of his 14 games against the Bears Dec. 11, 1994?

A. Reggie Cobb B. Mark Ingram C. Sterling Sharpe D. Keith Jackson

6. Who kicked two field goals for the Packers in their 27-24 win at Soldier Field Sept. 11, 1995? A. Chris Jacke B. Bryan Wagner C. Craig Hentrich D. Ryan Longwell

7. Who returned a kickoff 90 yards for a touchdown in the Packers' 37-6 win over the Bears Oct. 6, 1996 at Soldier Field?

A. Don Beebe B. Roell Preston C. Travis Jervey D. Desmond Howard

8. Which Packer caught 17 passes for 302 yards with two touchdowns in Green Bay's 1996 sweep of Chicago?

A. Antonio Freeman B. Keith Jackson C. Robert Brooks D. Mark Chmura

9. Name the future Packer who scored the Bears' first two-point conversion in the Chicago-Green Bay rivalry Sept. 1, 1997 at Lambeau Field.

A. Jim Flanigan B. Rashaan Salaam C. Raymont Harris D. John Thierry

10. Which Packer scored the second of the four defensive touchdowns of his career when he took a pick 33 yards for a score in a 16-13 win over the Bears Dec. 27, 1998 at Soldier Field?

A. Darren Sharper B. LeRoy Butler C. Tyrone Williams D. Keith McKenzie

11. Who ran for 113 yards and scored two touchdowns for the Packers in their 35-19 win over the Bears at Soldier Field Dec. 5, 1999?

A. Basil Mitchell B. DeMond Parker C. William Henderson D. Brett Favre


Who was the last Packer quarterback other than Brett Favre to throw a touchdown pass against the Bears?

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