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Here are letters and e-mails received recently by Packer Report managing editor Todd Korth:<p>

Dear Packer Report,

I am writing this letter to ask all Packer fans to right a terrible injustice. Why isn't Jerry Kramer in the Pro Football Hall of Fame? Once again, Jerry has been overlooked. The members should be judged on the basis of on-field performance, not what they did after their playing days were over. Jerry is the only player on the NFL's first 50 Year team not in the HOF. As loyal Packer fans, we can right this wrong. If we all send letters to the HOF Senior Committee nominating Jerry for induction, maybe we can make a difference.

Send your letters before June 1 to: Seniors Committee, c/o Pro Football HOF, 2121 George Halas Dr. NW, Canton, Ohio 44708.

John McNichol, Altoona, Pa., frzntundra@gbpackersfan.com

Packer Report,

In basketball, the final two minutes are the most action-packed and game deciding. In football, they kill the clock and the game becomes dull. No scoring!

Field goals should have a sliding point scale: 0-10 yards - 1 point; 10-20 yards - 2 points; 20 or more yards - 3 points. Measurement from the line of scrimmage. This would make the game more exciting.

Harry Madra, Oneida, WI

Packer Report,

I cried the other day for Brett Favre. I had just dropped each of my sons off at school. I watched one run into Kindergarten and held the others hand as we walked into his preschool class. The tears started flowing soon after I got back on the road. I was crying for Irvin, for Deanna and the girls, for a family I love but will never meet, and for my own selfish reasons. I was crying for the picture retaken every Sunday of a family piled together on the couch watching, for the times when we tell our little boys to remember they were watching – that they saw him play, for the game I've loved my whole life, and for the chance to watch him play again.

We love you Brett!

Michelle Lehman, California transplant in Houlton, WI


I agree with my e-mail colleagues about the sale of Fan Fest tickets. It was a joke. I live in Phoenix, my Wisconsin family still has season tickets from 1957, and I would have like to have been a part of this celebration. Unfortunately, the Packer organization elected to sell the tickets in a manner that did not allow their most loyal supporters and stockholders to attend. Now, the E-Bay mongers, the electronic age scalpers, have infiltrated Lambeau Field. Don't get me wrong, I shop and sell on E-Bay. I am not against the institution nor am I against anyone who uses their website. I am however against the sale of limited tickets to a public event when these tickets are not sold in a "pre-sale" to season ticket holders and stockholders. In my humble opinion, that was laziness on the part of the Packer organization to arrange this pre-sale. The Packer organization would still have sold out all of the tickets but they may have gone to the right buyers-the family and fans of the Green Bay Packers. Enough said.

I look forward to a great draft.

Ron Benhoff, Phoenix, Ariz., rbenhoff@mobl.com

Packer Report,

As a fan who walked to Packer games before World War II and is still a shareholder and ticket holder, please read my 2005 requests:

1. A quick and fully recovery by Deanna Favre.

2. And by Robert Ferguson.

3. A huge "thank you" to management, coaches, and players for a decade of outstanding and thrilling results.

4. Especially to those who played hurt.

5. The Pack dynasties of the 1930s, 1960s, and 1990s-00s be repeated before the 2020s.

6. Begin with a slam bang 2005 draft.

7. Patience and sportsmanship be demonstrated by the "faithful" during the next rebuilding years, whenever.

8. Rule change: To restore a balanced role for run offense, and reduce the role of "jump balls." Call more offensive pass interference and find a middle ground between 2003 and 2004 rulings for defensive pass interference.

9. Rule change: In seeding playoff teams, teams from the same division do not play until necessary. This way we can learn whether a division was really good or really poor.

10. Rule change: The league will review all plays causing injury, whereby the injured misses future games. If the offender performed illegally, he will be penalized the same number of games as the injured misses, up to a maximum of four games.

Keith Johnson, Peoria, Ill., KGNMJ@juno.com

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