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Here's a player profile on Green Bay Packers fullback William Henderson:<p>

Off-season residence: Chesterfield, Va.

Vehicles: Lincoln Navigator, Mercedes, Honda CBR 900

Hobbies/interests: Riding motorcycles, mountain biking, being outdoors, yard work, anything outside

Favorite food: Sloppy Joe's and tater tots

Favorite music: Jazz with R&B

Favorite TV show: Cartoon shows like X-men

Favorite movie: "In the Heat of the Night" (the original)

Favorite sport other than football: "I'm a track guy. Any track events, the sprint events. I enjoy those quite a bit."

Favorite Packers play: "Probably my first touchdown when I jumped into the stands, the one that they made a cutout for when I jumped into the stands."

Favorite play on offense: "Basically anything where I'm leading up the middle and blocking. Any of the belly plays where I'm leading up the middle, creating a hole or seam for Dorsey or Ahman."

Favorite sports heroes: Walter Payton, Tony Dorsett, Franco Harris, Willie Davis

Favorite breakfast cereal: "Corn Pops and Frosted Flakes. I eat a bowl of one, then eat a bowl of the other."

Nickname: Boogie. "I had it before I was born."

Roommate on the road: "The last couple of years I haven't had one, and I kind of prefer it that way. I kind of choose to be by myself. That way I get the whole room to myself. You've got to pay extra, but it's worth it."

Closest friends on the team: "Dorsey (Levens), Ahman (Green), basically all the running backs that I spend the majority of my time with. Then guys like Vonnie (Holliday) and Bernardo (Harris), guys that I went to school with."

First car: "My first car (chuckles) was a '71 Nova hatchback."

First job: "I actually worked at a car wash with my dad, but I got my first job when I was 8 years old. I got a job at a construction site, doing whatever, odd jobs."

Do anything special with first big signing bonus? "Put it in the bank and haven't touched it."

Early football memory: "Actually my first signup and playing catch with my coaches. I was hoping to be a running back, but I was about three pounds overweight. I ended up being a lineman. It was my first chance to get out there and actually play ball with the big boys."

Funny football memory: "Getting reprimanded by my coach for taunting a player. The guys had challenged me the week before because I didn't know how to celebrate a touchdown. So I ran backwards the last 20 yards of a long break and basically waived bye-bye to the opposing team. It was funny, but it wasn't funny after my high school coach got a hold of me."

Who influenced you the most while growing up? "Probably my mother and father (Edward and Janet Henderson), the work ethic they instilled in me carried me this far."

What do you plan to do after football? My original goal was to go back to physical therapy school and finish my degree, but that has kind of waned because I've got so many other options right now. I'm trying to figure out which way I want to go."

Pet peeves: "Not taking care of items that are borrowed from you. I hate when people do that. They return it to you and it's broken, or they don't return it to you in a proper fashion or timely manner."

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