Packers' top pick predictions

The 70th annual NFL Player Selection Meeting is set for this weekend. The Green Bay Packers own seven selections in the two-day draft (Saturday and Sunday), including four of the top 89 picks.<p>

Who will the Packers choose with their first-round pick (No. 24 overall)? has fielded predictions from fans. If you want to let the football world know who you feel the Packers will select in the first round of the draft on Saturday, e-mail your prediction along with comment to Packer Report managing editor Todd Korth at

Here are some fearless predictions. More will be posted Wednesday, Thursday and Friday:

Guy Trier ( Bessemer, MI predicts:

David Pollack, DE, Georgia

Here's why: Will be the biggest impact player, if still left, on the board.

Allison Thomley ( of Hammond, Wis. predicts:

Shaun Cody, DT/DE, Southern California

Here's why: I chose him because he comes from a program that has been winning - so he is used to it. I also had the ability to watch him play and thought he fit the Packer mold and temperament. But the main reason is that my husband thinks he knows more than me at football and he chose a linebacker.

Steven Graunke ( of Fishers, Ind. predicts:

Marcus Spears, DE, LSU

Here's why: I think the Packers would need to take the best front seven player available, and I would love it if Spears feel to them. He's graded as being able to stop both the run and the pass, something the Packers haven't had in a DE since Reggie. Plus, with Kampman possibly headed to Minnesota, Spears would be able to step in right away and contribute. Personally, I think that the Packers have an excellent opportunity, given their draft position, to really strengthen their front seven. With Diggs and Barnett already looking like keepers, adding a few prospects this year, and developing them in Bates' scheme, could give Green Bay one of the best front 7's in the NFL in a few years.

Jason Anderson (, Packer fan of 27 years) of Fargo, N.D. predicts: Matt Roth, DE, Iowa

Here's why: To me it's a slam dunk of a pick, but I don't know if he'll be there at 24. Roth brings to the table everything the Pack needs ... a pass rush off the end (something Kampman can't do), intensity, leadership on the defense (we've been void of that since LeRoy retired).

It would also be nice to grab Thomas Davis out of Georgia, but i'm afraid he'll be gone. So in my opinion, if either one of these gentlemen are gone by 24, then trade down with whomever, get Odell Thurman out of Georgia or Barrett Ruud from Nebraska and accumulate a couple extra picks. Maybe Coach Sherman can use one of this 2nd round selections on a long snapper to hike the ball to our kicking phenom, B.J. Sander!! (ha ha).

Tom Voss ( of Lincoln, NE predicts:

Erasmus James, DE, Wisconsin

Here's why: Obviously the Packers need help on defense. They need help at safety where they lost Darren Sharper to free agency, they need some help at cornerback after trading Mike McKenzie last year to the Saints, and they need to get pressure up front in order to take some pressure off of their young cornerbacks. After drafting a cornerback in the first round last year, the Packers will not use this year's pick to do the same. They've also signed several free agent safeties this off-season. That is why the Green Bay Packers will select Defensive End Erasmus James with their first pick in the 2005 NFL Draft. He is full of potential and has shown remarkable skills, especially considering he's only played football since his senior year in high school. James would be a perfect complement to the skills of Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila and would allow Gbaja-Biamila to blossom to his full potential. Though the Minnesota Vikings would like to improve their defensive end position, they may shy away from an injury prone James due to their choice of two defensive ends in last year's draft. If they're looking for a reliable DE, Georgia's David Pollack or LSU's Marcus Spears may be a better choice for them. Should Erasmus James end up injured again, a versatile Cullen Jenkins could step in and fill the spot vacated by Aaron Kampman if the Packers choose not to resign him.

Lynn Elliott ( of Red Oak, Texas (originally from Green Bay) predicts:

Travis Johnson, DT, Florida State

Here's why: I think the Packers will pick Travis Johnson in the first round. He is the size that fits with our defense and the Packers seem to like all Florida State players.

David Jarvey ( of Appleton, Wis. predicts:

Thomas Davis, S-LB, Georgia

Here's why: Davis is a punishing enforcer but the NFL premium on Defensive Ends, Cornerbacks, Quarterbacks, and Receivers may allow him to fall to the Packers where he could be a first year starter.

Jeff ( of Fargo, N.D. predicts:

Erasmus James, DE, Wisconsin

Here's why: I believe the Packers will have an outstanding draft this year, beginning with their 24th overall pick of Erasmus James "OF" Wisconsin. And then, after the cheers and the dust settle, Ryan Fitzpatrick from Harvard will be named as Green Bay's future quarterback.

Arlan Beckman ( of Cedar Rapids, Iowa predicts:

Thomas Davis, S-LB, Georgia

Here's why: I believe even if his 40 numbers were not all that great (personally think that is a over rated evaluator) he could help at Safety or be a big addition to the LB Corps. Jim Bates running a swarm-to-the-ball type defense could be a big plus for Davis, and I believe he would respond well to that.

John Martyka ( predicts:

Brodney Pool, S, Oklahoma

Here's why: Best athlete at the saftey position, good height and 40 speed. We really need this type of guy to replace Sharper.

Brett Bernacchi ( of Phoenix, AZ predicts:

Charlie Frye, QB, Akron

Here's why: Is an explanation really needed? Favre may be playing his last seasan or two. I don't think this team can move on in good conscience with Nall or O' Sullivan. As great of a need as the Packers have at LB and DL Thompson and Sherman won't think twice about grabbing this guy if he slips to them. Remember the last few years of trying to groom another QB in Green Bay? Impossible mission. Akili Smith- flop. Tim Couch- great lookin' girlfriend, but no arm. Then the draft nightmares. Rex Grossman to the Bears. Leapfrogged by the Bills for J.P. Losman. If Frye is there at 24 he's as good as green and gold.

Derrick Strand ( of Foxfire Village, N.C. (Madison, Wis. native) predicts:

Demarcus Ware, DE/OLB, Troy State

Here's why: His flexibility to rush the passer or drop back in zone blitz coverage is key. With the signing of two safeties last week, I believe this is our best option.

Steve ( from Sturgeon Bay Wis. predicts:

Demarcus Ware, DE/OLB, Troy State

Here's why: The Pack will go with DeMarcus Ware a DE from Troy State. I think that they go this route because they need another speed rushing DE. If Kampman is not going to be resigned any DE should be top priority unless a top prospect falls that cannot pass on. I think that they can fill their other needs in later rounds or via free agency.

Tony Aiello ( of Jupiter, Fla. predicts:

Thomas Davis, S-LB, Georgia

Here's why: This guy is very athletic, strong, and a playmaker. However, the New Orleans Saints may take him with the 16th pick.

Kyle Abraham ( of Otsego, Mich. predicts:

Marlin Jackson, CB-S, Michigan

Here's why: They need big-time help at secondary and either of these two would do the trick, maybe even Ernest Shazor (Michigan).

Note: More predictions, in the order received by managing editor Todd Korth, will be posted on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

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