Packers' top pick predictions II

Who will the Green Bay Packers choose with their first-round pick (No. 24 overall) in this weekend's NFL Draft?<p> has fielded predictions from fans. If you want to let the football world know who you think the Packers will select in the first round of the draft on Saturday, e-mail your prediction along with comment to Packer Report managing editor Todd Korth at

Here are some fearless predictions. More will be posted on Thursday and Friday:

Mark Schram ( of Fond du Lac, Wis. predicts:

Brodney Pool, S, Oklahoma

Here's why: Pool is a playmaker who is always around the ball. He has big-play ability with good tackling skills. Depth is an issue at safety, and recent signings in free agency will add depth. However, a starter is needed to complement the players added in free agency.

Brian ( of Cambria, Wis. predicts:

Demarcus Ware, DE/OLB, Troy State

Here's why: He will be the next Terrell Suggs-Jason Taylor type player with exceptional speed who will help KGB if he pans out. Remember Troy State didn't have the toughest schedule in the world. Granted Ware is more of a 3-4 player, but if the Packers do trade down, Ware would be the best option available to us. Remember, Bates loves speed and talent like Jason Taylor. If so, Ware would be the man for the job.

Keith Hanson ( of Austin, Texas predicts:

Dan Cody, DE, Oklahoma

Here's why: A very good pass rusher and can hold is own against the run even in the NFL.

Michael Mudlaff ( of Des Moines, Iowa predicts:

Matt Roth, DE, Iowa

Here's why: First, the Packers have bolstered their roster with some veteran safeties who will be working hard to secure one of two positions. Safety is not strong in the first round, but there will be a number of prospects in round 2. For value at No. 24, the Packers have a better chance of drafting a DE, LB or DT. Roth is projected at the end of the first or beginning of the second round. He should be available at No. 24 unless some team is enamored with him. He is also the type of end that fits Bates' system and of the speed rushers, is the only one with enough weight to play the run effectively. All that being said, if Thomas Davis, S/LB from University of Georgia drops, I'd take him for WILL and move Diggs to the strong side.

Gordie Rundle ( of Stratford, Wis., predicts:

Erasmus James, DE, Wisconsin

Here's why: I forsee Mr. Thompson not matching the Vikings offer on Kampman and getting a fifth round pick. Thompson been known to best help his team via the draft. Adding Ermamus will be to have another speed rusher on the outside to complement Kabeer. Big Grady and Cletidus jamming up the middle. Sounds kinda nice. Jim Bates would love that just like he had in Miami.

Gregg Klofenstine ( of Raleigh, N.C., predicts:

Thomas Davis, S-LB, Georgia

Here's why: Davis is a both a Safety and an OLB, so the Packers could use him where he fits best seeing that we have severe gaps in the secondary with the loss of Sharper and Jue. A player Davis will allow for us to really focus on re-vamping the defense without spending all our picks before addressing our offensive line and future QB needs. If Davis lined up in a LB position, it could open things up for Barnett and KGB and give us a well needed pass rush. This would also allow for a few switches at ILB and OLB to promote speed and power.

William Mosko Sr. ( of Pittsford, N.Y., predicts:

Marlin Jackson, CB-S, Michigan

Here's why: He could replace Darren Sharper at safety. His speed is questionable so the position change should not hurt him.

Kurt Buchberger ( Grand Haven, Mich., predicts:

David Baas, G-C, Michigan

Here's why: Packers love versatile linemen. Also very smart and can make the calls at the line when needed.

Ben O'Neil ( of Beattie, Kan., predicts:

Brodney Pool, S, Oklahoma

Here's why: The Packers need a safety. Although they did pick up Freeman and Little, I think that is a short-term deal with them both signing one-year deals.

Sonny Everson ( of Altoona, Wis., predicts:

David Pollack, DE, Georgia

Here's why: Pollack is my pick although we might have to move up to get. He is tough, smart and aggressive to achieve! Will give KGB time to excel more also.

Joe Varrati ( of Front Royal, Va., predicts:

Ernest Shazor, S, Michigan

Here's why: I believe that with the departure of Sharper, Shazor provides immediate help. He's big, strong and hits like a backer. He could even develop into a linebacker, but I like his size and speed for your secondary and the bigger recievers now playing in the league.

Note: More predictions, in the order received by managing editor Todd Korth, will be posted on Thursday and Friday.

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