Packers' top pick predictions III

The 70th annual NFL Player Selection Meeting is set for this weekend. The Green Bay Packers own seven selections in the two-day draft (Saturday and Sunday), including four of the top 89 picks.<p>

Who will the Packers choose with their first-round pick (No. 24 overall)? has fielded predictions from fans this week. If you want to let the football world know who you think the Packers will select in the first round of the draft on Saturday, e-mail your prediction along with comment to Packer Report managing editor Todd Korth at Here are some fearless predictions. More will be posted on Friday:

Mike Thomley ( of Hammond, Wis., predicts:

Barrett Rudd, LB, Nebraska

Here's why: He reminds me of Nick Barnett, he is very instinctive and can cover running backs. I feel he fits the mold of our new defensive cordinator.

Dan Mumm ( of Bloomington, Wis., predicts:

Demarcus Ware, DE/OLB, Troy State

Here's why: Ware is a hard-hitter and can play in the linebacker or defensive end position – two positions where the Packers desperately need help.

Randy Nyberg ( of Albuquerque N.M., predicts:

Shaun Cody, DT/DE, USC

Here's why: Shaun can help the Packers at either end or tackle where depth is a major concern. It won't matter who the Packers have at linebacker, cornerback, or safety if they can't get pressure on the quarterback.

Chad Haas ( of Portland, Ore, predicts:

Marlin Jackson, CB-S, Michigan

Here's why: He is listed at CB, but will make a prime-time player at safety. No one in the league will have his intangibles of speed, size and coverage at Safety (think Ty Law). With the depth at DE extending well into the second round I don't see the team using their first pick on a lineman and I just don't see the quality at linebacker to justify a choice there, either.

Karl Thomas Mandik ( a student at Ball State University, predicts:

Thomas Davis, S-LB, Georgia

Here's why: Our biggest need is tackled by Ted Thomson who with his first pick as GM hits a home run. Davis is solid anywhere on the field, makes us Cheeseheads say: "Darren Who?" Most importantly, Davis is a P-L-A-Y M-A-K-E-R (Interceptions, Forced Fumbles, Lots of Defensive Touchdowns).

Jim Chapman ( of Monona Wis., predicts:

Erasmus James, DE, Wisconsin

Here's why: I do not think Charlie Frye or any other QB will be available at the time that is worth picking. Now if the Packers make a move for a upper echlon pick they will be going after Frye or Rodgers. But I don't see that happening since Brett Favre is coming back. What we need to do is surround him with great talent so that when he does retire we do not live and die by the QB position.

Fred Poss ( of Eau Claire, Wis., predicts: The Packers will trade down from No. 24 to lower in Round One. This will allow them to pick up another draft choice in the second or third round and to select Thomas Davis, MLB, Georgia with their first pick – probably at the number No. 29 slot or close to it. Ted Thompson has a history of dropping down in the draft, and if anything in this world of ours is predictable it is that history tends to repeat itself.

Greg Hansman ( of Westside, Iowa, predicts:

Thomas Davis, S-LB, Georgia

Here's why: The packers really need a safety now that Darren Sharper is gone and it won't hurt to have a guy that can play linebacker, too. Bill Haling ( of Wausau, Wis., predicts:

Thomas Davis, S-LB, Georgia

Here's why: With Darren Sharper leaving, the Packers need to fill an immediate void that was not filled by a strong free agent signing. They need to fill a spot with a player who can bring it!

Andy Nelson ( of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, predicts:

Matt Roth, DE, Iowa

Here's why: He is a game-breaking player who gets better as the game goes on; he can out-muscle, out-run, out-smart and out-fight any offensive lineman; he is one of the best pass rushers in the draft, and is almost as good in stopping the run; he put on 20 pounds at the end of the season, and still ran a 4.7/4.8 40; and, last but not least, because Erasmus James is the second coming of Joe Johnson.

Also, I am looking for the Pack to pick Kelvin Hayden, CB, Illinois, whose versatility could add some nice depth to both the CB and WR positions, as well as Sean Considine, S, Iowa, who could make a huge impact as a rookie on special teams.

Chris Smith ( of Helena, Mont., predicts:

David "Big Mouth" Baas, G-C, Michigan

Here's why: Let's be realistic, Grey Ruegamer and Adrian Klemm for 16 games? Who's been hitting the Miller Lite again? The only way I feel the Pack goes defense is if Thomas Davis falls (like the Vikes in December) all the way to 24. I feel the first round pick should be a gift for No. 4 coming back and for all he's done for the franchise. I know it's not a pretty pick. But having visions of Favre on the ground in pain and Green having 3.5yds a carry isn't pretty either! Baas could even play some center if needed. And in this cap tight NFL era, a player who can play two spots is money well invested. With the additions the Vikes have made on their front seven (Williams and Cowart) and more to come via the draft. Drafting BAAS makes even more sense. The Pack could even trade down to get Baas, accumulating another pick and saving a little first round dough in the process. (Packers fan since I was born, 31 years and counting)

Note: More predictions, in the order received by managing editor Todd Korth, will be posted on Friday.

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