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Here are some letters received recently by Packer Report managing editor Todd Korth:<p>

Packer Report,

As I was reading the April Packer Report it struck me that the Packers don't seem to like the Home University. Only two UW offensive players were listed as possible picks and they were 8 & 9 in the perference sequence. Matt Bernstien was not listed as one of the possible Fullback picks, come on he was the starting Fullback for the W since his Freshman year. Not only did he start for four years, he blocked for 3 successive 1,000 plus rushing years and in the forth year filled in at tailback in a decisive victory. He's big. powerful. versatile and used to playing outside in the cold so what am I missing here.

On Defense the Pack did a little better job of possible picks but only had two in the upper half of the selection sequence. James at number 1, as is fitting, but they pretty much dissed the rest of one of the top defenses in the country.

This is not the first year the Packers have basically ignored the Badgers. The UW is probably putting out its best draft picks in many years.

Stewart Henriksen (vzn05saz@gte.net), Rineyville, Ky


While Kampman is a dependable workhorse he has never been anything but that in his career. He has never been the long-term answer at defensive end, so I say let the Vikes sign him, eating cap space off their budget and taking up a roster spot. Even if they choose to cut him later, any bonus money they gave him is still money of their plate and we could easily resign him at that point. It isn't like they are signing him to actually play here, just playing money games with the Pack. Plus we get a pick from them and you can find a serviceable guy in the fifth round, even Sherman has proved that with his selection of Scott Wells, a veritable starter out of the 7th. We don't need to put ourselves in worse money problems already.

David Jarvey (DJARVEY@new.rr.com)

Editor's note: This letter was received prior to the Packers matching the Vikings' offer sheet for Kampman.

Dear editor,

The head coach has just about run out of people to demote, reshuffle, re-assign, or fire outright. It is now put up or shut up time for Mike Sherman. He no longer has the dual duties to deter or distract him. I will trust or pray that Mr. Thompson and his advisers can give Mr. Sherman a quality crop of draft picks to work with. There will be some cap room for an impact player or two. All Mike Sherman has to do is coach. He has changed his staff yet again. There can be no running away from the fact that these are his decisions. Firm and final. No more excuses or passing the buck or testy answers at press conferences after another brutal home playoff loss. Just coach. The talent is there, especially on offense. Sherman has made more than enough mistakes and wrong calls and he should have learned from them. So this is it. No more talk about winning records and division titles. That was never enough for Lombardi or even Holmgren. If it is enough for Mike Sherman, then he is the wrong man to continue in that job.

Gerard F. Keogh, Jr., West Milford, N.J.


When a movement is made to erect a memorial to Reggie White, some facts should be considered. Reggie White's contribution to the Packers should be first and foremost. But there is more to the man than just football. His physical stature is a matter of football legend. Add to that his enormous effect he had in his faith. Publicly he had few equals. His selfless contribution and involvement in community and civic affairs add to his legend. So the move to honor this man should transcend naming streets, halls, parks, etc. It should be a beacon to all who enter Packerland. It should reflect his greatness in a great way. A road to victory, a road to life, a road to greatness.

A memorial in concrete, on a super highway. The name I visualize that would not only keep his name wherever people travel in Packerland. So I submit this tribute to a legend: "The Great White Way."

Gene Sturm, Sioux Falls, S.D.

Hi, Todd,

I've read quite a few letters and e-mails regarding the sale of tickets to FanFest. Most centered around the fact that a some of the tickets to the event ended up being resold on Ebay for profit. While I don't condone that kind of activity I think that some of the fixes suggested have been pretty ridiculous as well. Some people seem to blame the Packers as if they could have prevented this. Others think that by only selling tickets to the season ticket holders or the shareholders it wouldn't have happened. I don't think the Packers should change a thing. There's really nothing the Packers could do to prevent someone from reselling their ticket and season ticket holders and shareholders offer no guarantees either. Hundreds of season ticket holders resell their tickets to brokers at a considerable profit each and every year. It is idiotic to say that season ticket holders are more loyal than other fans. Many fans would give their eye teeth to have season tickets but the list will outlive most of us. I was fortunate enough to get two tickets to go to FanFest and gladly used them. I too am a shareholder but think everyone should be eligible to buy tickets to the event. There were only 3,000 availiable and I will tell you that they definitely shouldn't increase that number. The lines were long enough as it was. Thousands of people will be out of luck when attempting to get tickets to an event like this, there's just no way around it. I feel very lucky to have been able to go and I wouldn't deny anyone a chance to get tickets to future events just to increase my own chances of going again. Many people never get a chance to go to a game or couldn't afford to be a stockholder. That doesn't make them less loyal as one reader suggested just not as financially blessed as some other Packer backers. I hope the Packers keep it just the way it is and I hope everyone who gets tickets either uses them or is presenting them as a gift. I too don't relish the thought of people profiting off of the loyalty of others to the Pack so I don't want to hear about tickets being resold for profit but I think the alternatives eliminate too many fans from having their chance to spend a weekend with their heroes on hallowed ground. It was a great time and I hope I get to go again - more than that, I hope a lot of other people get to experience it too! It's a memory I will always cherish.

Kim Prine (Kim.Prine@drl.state.wi.us)

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