Packers' top predictions V

Finally, the 70th annual NFL Draft is here.<p>

Packers fans have been forecasting Green Bay's top draft pick throughout the week. Here are a few more before Green Bay goes on the clock this afternoon.

Thanks to all who participated!

Bryan Gillum ( from Xenia, Ohio, but formally from Chetek and Menominee, Wis., predicts:

Charlie Frye, QB, Akron

Here's why: If he's not available, then I think they will take Georgia S-LB Thomas Davis. What I REALLY wanna see them do personally is do as Fred Poss ( of Eau Claire, Wis. Predicted is Trade down from No. 24 to lower in Round One. Pat Dorwin ( of the Great Smoky Mountains predicts:

A trade down

Here' why: Barring a trade up for Derrick Johnson, Shawne Merriman or Thomas Davis (he'll be gone at the Packers' current slot) Ted Thompson can deal down a few spots and pick up LB Darryl Blackstock. University of Tennessee linebacker Kevin Burnett will be on Jim Bates' radar screen, but his injury history is a concern. Demarcus Ware will also likely be snapped up earlier, so with other teams trading up for Davis, Merriman and Ware, Green Bay may get a surprise falling into its lap.

Ted Olson ( and I am from Madison, WI. predicts:

Thomas Davis, S-LB, Georgia

Here's why: Because of the depth (in potential) at the defensive need positions (DL, LB and secondary, is there anything else?), the Packers need to stay ahead of the curve. Thomas Davis is definitely the biggest impact player that may be available at the 24th pick. However, I think Dallas will have taken him off the board by then. If the D-line prospects start going fast early in the round the Packers need to look at a D-tackle to help Grady in weeks 1-3 and 12-17 and fill in for him while he is injured in the middle season. Shaun Cody would be a steal here. He is disruptive on both pass and run. If he is gone, Luis Castillo or Mike Patterson would be good too, but the Packers could trade down and still get these guys. If one of the top 5 D-ends are still available (most likely Erasmus or Spears, but Pollack if we are really lucky) this pick should go to them. For the second round picks, I like Mike Patterson (if he lasts into the late second round) or Justin Tuck (who could add 10-15 pounds in muscle if he hits the weight room and still have a good speed rush). The 58th pick could be dedicated to a raw athletic corner like Stanford Routt (who may fall to round 3, which would make it even better to trade down in round one for an extra early round 3 pick), or to a versatile O-lineman like Logan Mankins or Evan Mathis. Gerald Sensabaugh or Kerry Rhodes in round 3 would be an absolute steal as well. Note: almost all prospects are defensive… the Packers can groom late round O-linemen into stars just like the two that departed. If Matt   Jones is still available at the 24th pick the Packers need to take a long, long, long look at him. Give Craig Nall a chance to succeed, forget Charlie Frye when Andrew Walter or Kyle Orton could be available late (round 4 or 5). This draft has so much potential, I have never looked forward to a draft so much.

Dale Hodgson of Horicon, Wis., predicts:

Heath Miller, TE, Virginia

Here's why: I believe that with all of the DL that will be picked just ahead of the Pack, that they will have the opportunity to draft Miller. This would give us the replacement for Bubba Franks and the best TE on the board would be better than any second tier DL, OL, CB or S.

Paul Meyer ( from Dallas TX, (but still season ticket holder!) predicts:

Thomas Davis, S-LB, Georgia

Here's why: In the first round it will really be unpredictable with what may get shaken up ahead of them. If Davis falls to them, I think they have to make the pick there. But if opportunity knocks to drop maybe 3or 4 slots, they could pick up an early second and then take Marlin Jackson, Brodney Poole or Channing Crowder in the first followed by the possibility of one of those still available in early round two. With the other second round picks take the best available defender left and look for an offensive guard or maybe a QB like Kyle Orton or Frye.

Day Two might be tough with few picks, but look for best available or a great special teamer like Jim Leonard who could help in secondary down the road.

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